21 places in Malaysia to bring the family during the school holidays

Updated on 3/12/2019

Wait – are the school holidays here again? It can be hard to decide where to bring the whole family for a vacation each time, especially when it is a short break and you aren’t planning to go too far. And looking for something everyone will like can be a challenge!

Luckily, there are many family-friendly things to do across Malaysia that you may or may not know about…until now. So we’ve compiled a list of 21 different experiences you can enjoy for the upcoming holiday. Take your pick!


1. Farm in the City (Kuala Lumpur)

Urban Hijau is a permaculture project in Kuala Lumpur that helps city folk return to their roots through sustainable farming methods. Bazaars, workshops, farm visits and other activities take place throughout the year, which means there is something new for your family to experience each time. Plus you’ll get to learn about healthier lifestyle options and ways to care for Mother Earth.

Price: RM46.48 / USD11.20 per pax
Location: Kuala Lumpur
Includes: Tools and Materials, Refreshments
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2. Historical City of Melaka (Melaka)

Crowned a UNESCO Wold Heritage Site in 2008, Melaka is a destination both tourists and locals flock to for a quick getaway. This little state in Peninsular Malaysia packs a punch when it comes to its cultural heritage and Nyonya food. You can join a Melaka Nyonya Kuih Cooking Class (RM120/ ≈ USD29)

After exploring the city by day, why not see the beauty of Melaka by night, along with storytelling from a local’s point of view? The Friends of Melaka Museum runs three different tours, so that visitors can get a look closer to the silent witnesses Melaka’s city – the buildings, river, ruins, temples or everything around it – as well as the stories they have to tell.

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3. Johor Bahru Heritage Trail, Family Edition (Johor)

Johor Bahru is the capital of Malaysia’s southern state, with a blend of urban and heritage buildings. Along the Johor Bahru Heritage Trail, there is a myriad of historical buildings and cultural landmarks.

If you have small children, you can join a storytelling tour even the little ones would like. Learning about the town’s past is all the more interesting when bonding through activities on the go and munching on traditional charcoal toasted bread.

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4. Shadow puppet exploration with the real Puppeteer of Penang (Penang)

How often do you get to make and play the shadow puppet? In Penang, you and your family can take part in this traditional art of storytelling with a tok dalang, or shadow puppet expert. With 3 hours to spare, you can make your own character, learn how to coordinate with the instruments and put together a performance.

Price: RM240 / USD58 per pax
Location: Gelugor, Penang
Includes: Materials, Guide
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5. Jewellery Making Workshop (Kuala Lumpur)

A jewellery making workshop is a fantastic way to spend some quality family time while picking up a skill and getting a neat little souvenir to remember your time together. This 3-hour class is suitable for both adults and children, plus you get to make a necklace, bracelet and a pair of earrings.

Price: RM220 / USD53 per pax
Location: Shangri-La Hotel, Kuala Lumpur
Includes: Materials, Three Pieces of Jewellery
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6. Ipoh Heritage Trail on a Rickshaw (Perak)

Rickshaws were once a significant mode of transportation in Ipoh, and it is still something your family can enjoy in this day and age. Hop on a rickshaw on this Ipoh Heritage Trail to explore the cultural heritage of Ipoh Old Town. Every rickshaw can fit 2 passengers with an average of up to 120kg.

Price: RM100 / USD24 per pax
Location: Ipoh, Perak
Includes: Rickshaw and rider
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7. Titi Eco Farm (Negeri Sembilan)

If what you’re seeking is a peaceful, no-fuss holiday away from the concrete jungle, Titi Eco Farm has it. Roughly 90 minutes away from Kuala Lumpur, this organic farm in Negeri Sembilan has a vegetable garden, orchard, ostrich farm, lotus pond and other eco landscapes. Your family can even stay overnight in a long house or semi-detached chalet, which overlooks the farm.

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8. Kuala Kubu Bahru (Selangor)

Pure relaxation within Nature, warm hospitality, strange myths and traditional local pastries – what an interesting mix for visitors who come to Kuala Kubu Bahru! From chilling by the creek at Sungai Chiling, to visiting the temples and famous dam at the town, soaking in the hot spring and tasting their local delicacies, it’s worth the trip.

What makes your trip to Kuala Kubu Bahru even more fun is being able to listen to its mysterious tales with a local. Sue Suen has been bringing guests around the best landmarks in Kuala Kubu Bharu, and sharing some secret spots only locals know.

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9. Putrajaya

Putrajaya has more than just the monumental buildings, it is also surrounded by lakes and landscaped gardens. You can go sightseeing with your family, but what about doing so in a fun way?

You can join an E-Bike Tour (RM50 / ≈ USD 12) or a Segway Tour (RM227 / ≈ USD54.50) in Putrajaya, where you get to speed around the district on wheels. That way, your family members can either cruise along leisurely without having to sweat on the trip, or zoom around and feel the air in your face.

10. Labis Sunrise Farm

Imagine waking up to rolling green hills, the golden sunlight touching the horizon, the rubber trees swaying in the wind. This is a fruit farm living experience that city folks don’t get to experience on a daily basis, but with the added advantage of having breathtaking views and tropical fruit farm visits on a 4WD. In our Labis package, you get to stay in a 3-storey villa-style bed and breakfast, learn about fruit harvesting and have steamboat for dinner.

Price: RM193.28 / USD46.30 per pax
Location: Labis, Johor
Includes: Entrance, Meals
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11. Cameron Highlands (Pahang)

Where better to have a short vacation than at Cameron Highlands, one of Malaysia’s most popular holiday destinations? The cool breeze and lush landscapes somewhat whisks you away from the busy pace of life, even if just for a weekend. Want something different? Visit the Mossy Forest on Mount Brinchang before rewarding yourself with fresh strawberries and BOH Tea.

Price: RM68 / USD16.50 per pax
Location: Cameron Highlands, Pahang
Includes: Transportation and trip to the Mossy Forest, Tea Plantation & Factory Visit, and Butterfly Farm (entrance fee to be paid there)
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12. Jungle School (Selangor)

Take your family for a wild adventure that brings them closer to nature, while showing them a thing or two about surviving in the jungle. The Jungle School by Raman lets you and your family try building a fire using wood and cooking using bamboo. Raman is an Orang Asli himself, so he includes indigenous cultural skills such as a blowpipe challenge, traditional puzzle solving and leaf weaving in his one-day programme.

Price: RM100 / USD25 per pax
Location: Gombak, Selangor
Includes: Activities, Materials, Lunch
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13. Rainforest Tree House (Johor)

The Rainforest Tree House is all about escaping from the city and enjoying a simple, sustainable lifestyle. Located in Kulai, the minimalist retreat offers eco-friendly features such as hammocks on the balcony, where you can kick back and relax in the middle of a forest. You could be the Malaysian version of ‘The Swiss Family Robinson’.

Price: From RM55.60 / USD13.50 to RM232 / USD55.60 per pax
Location: Kulai, Johor
Includes: Accommodation, Meal
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14. Magical River Trek (Selangor)

Families who love the outdoors, take note. If you have a free day in Kuala Kubu Bahru, it is time to get on a wet and wild adventure in a Malaysian rainforest. Guvnor, our wilderness expert will lead the way as you trek through a rainforest, climb across boulders, cross the river and stare in awe at the mountain range in the background. Great for a breath of fresh air and exercise! The enchanting, multi-tier waterfall at the end of the trail is worth it.

The Magical River Trek package comes with hotel pick-up, accommodation in Sarang by the Brook resort, meals and local food sampling.

Price: RM350 / USD84 per pax
Location: Kuala Kubu Bahru, Selangor
Includes: Accommodation at Sarang by the Brook, meals, pick-up, local food sampling
Book the Magical River Trek with Guvnor on LokaLocal

15. Ulu Muda Rainforest (Kedah)

Sprawled across 160,000 hectares in Kedah is the remote Ulu Muda tropical rainforest. 14km away from civilization, you and loved ones can get back to Nature with a wildlife boat cruise, tubing adventure, jungle trekking, cave exploration or well-deserved rest at the Earth Lodge. The 4D3N Getting Back to Nature stay gives you and your family that ample retreat time you need!

Price: RM1,330 / USD319 per pax
Location: Ulu Muda Forest Reserve, Kedah
Includes: Wildlife boat cruise, boat transfer meal, accommodation at Earth Lodge
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16. Balik Pulau (Penang)

Balik Pulau is the countryside of Penang, filled with a network of small roads and passageways. Sprinkled around it are paddy fields, orchards, fishing villages and kampungs. With so many little hideaways, exploring Balik Pulau like a scavenger hunt, only you get to see the countryside up close and personal.

At Balik Pulau, you can visit a dairy goat farm to learn about the farming life, cycle around the countryside to explore its wonders, ride an ATV to the hidden sceneries, or camp under the stars in a cycling and camping trip.

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17. Batang Kali (Selangor)

Tucked in the Hulu Selangor district, Batang Kali is a treasure trove of cultural and natural resources. Your kids would love the colors of the country’s 2nd largest orchid collection, and tasting luscious fruits at an organic guava farm. Joining an experience with a local also lets you into some insider secrets – you get to make the town’s signature loh mee and see how traditional sesame crackers are produced.

Price: RM300 / USD72 per pax
Location: Batang Kali, Selangor
Includes: Return Pick Up and Drop Off from Batang Kali KTM, Driver & Guide, Meals
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18. Pulau Ketam & Sungai Lima (Selangor)

Pulau Ketam and Sungai Lima are two neighbouring fishing villages about 20 minutes away from Port Klang, each with their own charm. Pulau Ketam is vibrant with colourful temples and bustling food stalls. Meanwhile, Sungai Lima is a quiet village with quaint murals, a marketplace and close-knit community. Another way to admire the beauty of the village is on a sunset cruise, as you watch the day melt into night.

You can even visit these villages with the Village Chief of Sungai Lima, who can arrange for delicious meal spreads and introduce you to the beauty of these villages.

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19. Kuala Sepetang (Perak)

Slowly rising as the next rural attraction, Kuala Sepetang is a coastal fishing town 30 minutes away from Taiping. It is famous for its charcoal making industry, mangrove eco park, bird-watching sites and firefly colony.

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20. Kampung Beng (Perak)

Located in the beautiful district of Lenggong, Kampung Beng is a village and homestay surrounded by lush green forests, lakes, waterfalls and mountains. To get there, you can enjoy a 10 minutes boat ride through the majestic Raban Lake. It’s apparently a hotspot as a filming location!

Since Kampung Beng still conserves their traditional way of life, you are your family can appreciate their warm hospitality, laid back activities and rich cultural heritage during your holiday in this nostalgic village.

Price: From RM120 / USD28.80 to RM366.98 / USD88 per pax (depending on number of days)
Location: Lenggong, Perak
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21. Kampung Bekok (Johor)

To get to Bekok, you can hop on a train and pull in at a century-old railway station, which makes you feel as though you have been transported into a world locked outside time.

One of the highlights here is a rubber tapping workshop, where the family can experience what life was like for rubber tappers back when it was the main industry at Bekok. Another fun activity you can do is stargaze at night – something most city kids might not have done before! Sniffing these experiences is much easier when you have someone with local knowledge though, so you might want to get a local to guide you.

Price: From RM60 / USD14.40 to RM335 / USD80.30 per pax (depending on number of days)
Location: Bekok, Johor
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LokaLocal is a platform for activities, tours and workshops that lets you travel deeper wherever you go! From cultural activities, to outdoor adventures, family retreats, to laidback workshops, your journey is even more meaningful when you bond together – and have a local to guide you, of course! For more ideas and family holiday packages, take a look at LokaLocal.


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