9 Unique Experiences in Bali that are Totally Off the Beaten Track

Everyone thinks that Bali is all about beaches and temples, but there’s always something new to discover if you go down the beaten path. Whether you are a newbie in this beautiful Indonesian province or a regular visitor, here are several unique activities that will show you the local side of Bali.

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1. A Day with the Balinese

What better way to go local in Bali than to be welcomed in a Balinese home? After your warm welcome, you get to experience several intriguing local traditions and trades, such as weaving, ironsmithing and tuak making. The best part, of course, is that you can interact with the natives as well as understand their passion and hard work.

There is no escaping the rice fields in Bali. Beyond the picturesque scenery, you can also get down into the fields to experience how farmers earn their living. Try your hands in planting, then move on to pounding and cooking the rice. Experience the process from start to end, and you just might get a deeper appreciation for the food that goes into your bowl. If you’re adventurous enough, you are welcome to climb up a tree to get your fresh coconut beverage!

A Day with the Balinese
Rumah Bali at Guliang Village (transportation by guide), Taman Bali, Bangli Regency, Bali, Indonesia
From RM315 /
~ U$ 76 per pax | Book here

2. Traditional Balinese Cooking Lesson & Market Tour

You probably know the Babi Gulung, Nasi Campur and Sate are worth a bite when you are in town. But food is tastier and more meaningful when you know what goes into it, along with the history behind it. Joining a traditional Balinese cooking class lets you be introduced to the array of exotic ingredients and unique culture that gives Bali its flavour.

Your local guide will bring you to a morning market to buy all your ingredients for the class. This is your chance to observe the locals going about their daily routine in the vibrant market, while taking in all the sights, sounds and colours at the stalls. Your local expert will share tips on how locals select spices, vegetables and meat. If you have a preference of food, this is when you get to customise!

Back in the open-air kitchen, your class covers 4 traditional dishes: tuna sambal matah, chicken satay, chicken wrap and coconut crepe.

Traditional Balinese Cooking Lesson & Market Tour
Pasar Tulikup, Jalan Raya Tulikup, Tulikup, Gianyar, Bali, Indonesia
From RM315 /
~ U$ 76 per pax | Book here

3. Trek to Traditional Bali Culinary Village

There’s something magical about trekking through Bali. Imagine emerald cascades carpeting the landscape as far as your eyes can see – Bali teases every traveller’s hearts with her dreamy rice terraces and villages.

Bangli is a village located an hour away from Ubud, dotted with traditional houses and temples, paddy fields, mountains, and plantations. This village trekking experience brings you to the countryside of Bangli for an authentic glimpse of East Bali.

The route itself is a feast for the eyes, especially as you wander down the scenic Sangsang River. Taman Narmada Bali Raja is a main highlight – a temple-complex once housing the Kingdom of Bali. Graced by pools, pura (temple) and landscaped gardens, it later became a recreational site for the king.

There will also be a visit to the melukut site for a look into holy water cleansing rituals. And let’s not forget those dreamy rice terraces Bali is so famous for. You’ll be amazed by what you learn about Indonesian heritage just by trekking away from the main town.

Trek to Traditional Bali Culinary Village
Desa Wisata Guliang Kangin, Taman Bali, Bangli Regencu, Bali, Indonesia (pick up by guide)
From RM270 / ~ U$ 65.30 per pax | Book here

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4. Explore Rural Bali By Bike

Cycling is a surprisingly understated way to take in the fantastic views of the Bali countryside. There is so much you can learn about the local culture by getting up close and personal – on a bike ride!

Starting your trail from Lebah Village, you’ll uncover the traditional side and natural gems of Bali, from authentic village scenes to rice fields. You’ll cycle alongside the terraced rice fields while listening to stories about the Balinese way of life.

Explore Rural Bali by Bike
Desa Wisata Guliang Kangin, Taman Bali, Bangli Regency, Bali, Indonesia (pick up by guide)
From RM270 / ~ U$ 65.30 per pax | Book here

5. Purification Ceremony With A Bali Healer

Blessed with numerous sacred springs, Bali has a pleasant connotation of healing and is often called the island of holy water. The locals believe that water represents the flow of energy, also known as prana or chi).

The water blessing ritual is called melukut, said to cleanse the body physically, emotionally and spiritually, while removing traces of negative energy. You can see locals taking part in these blessings regularly in temples on the island.

In the Purification Ceremony With A Bali Healer experience, you’ll learn how to make offerings the traditional Balinese way. Following that you can participate in 3 rituals, such as the purification ceremony at Pancuran 11 or Eleven Holy Waterfalls, “Natab Bale” (blessing by priest with the permission of the ancestors) and “Natab” (blessing by priest in the home yard)

Every step in the ceremony has its own stories and cultural significance, interwoven in the history of Bali, which will be explained to you by a guide. Depending on whether you choose the morning (9.00am – 1.30pm) or afternoon (2.00m – 6.30pm) session, you’ll have lunch or dinner to end the experience.

Purification Ceremony With A Bali Healer
Desa Wisata Guliang Kangin, Taman Bali, Bangli Regency, Bali, Indonesia (pick up by guide)
From RM500 / ~ U$ 120.80 per pax | Book here

6. Pottery Carving Class In Pejaten Village

Located around 15km northwest of Denpasar, Pejatan Village is known for its handmade earthernware. Back in the day, the villagers were poor and resorted to making pots by hand using red clay. Traditionally they would fire the pots on an open fire covered by rice straw. Eventually the ceramic industry slowed down due to modern inventions.

These days, it is seeing a rise again thanks to growing demand for roof tiles spearheaded by tourism in Bali. And they welcome guests to learn about the history of ceramic pottery at the village.

Set in the studio of Tanteri Ceramic, you can learn hand building techniques, wheel throwing and hand decorated painting, as well as how they are glazed and fired to form a finished product. There is also a museum with a ceramic collection found across Indonesia, originating from China and Thailand.

For those who are eager to join this workshop, we suggest arranging it earlier on during your trip. This is because the clay takes 1 week to be processed and turned into your finished artwork, which you can then pick up at the office.

Pottery Carving Class in Pejaten Village
Tanteri Ceramic, Pejaten, Tabanan Regency, Bali, Indonesia
From RM225 /
~ U$ 54.40 per pax | Book here

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7. Create Silver Ring & Learn Balinese Dance

Silversmithing is a craftsmanship in Bali that pays tribute to the knowledge passed down from one generation to the next. There are many artisans here who come from a long lineage of silversmith. The silver products are often used as ritual items, temple heirlooms, jewellery.

You can have a go at designing your own silver, step by step from designing to forging, carving, soldering, and polishing. With 5 grams of silver and a stone, this workshop lets you design a Ring, Earrings or Pendant of your own imagination.

On top of that, you will also a traditional Balinese dance, which is closely associated with ceremony. Ladies will be taught to do the welcome dance, while the men are taught another dance called Baris Dance. Since it takes place at the Mask Museum, you will be able to explore the various masks afterwards.

Createe Silver Ring & Learn Balinese Dance
Rumah Topeng dan Wayang Setia Darma, Kemenuh, Gianyar, Bali, Indonesia
From RM315 / ~ U$ 76 per pax | Book here

8. Be a Zero Waste Hero

Bali is frequented for its gorgeous beaches. However, it isn’t all sunshine and rainbows under the sea. Zero Waste to Oceans is an initiative by R.O.L.E. Foundation aiming to educate the local community on how to manage their waste and control the marine waste issues in Bali.

You can also be part of this initiative in their sustainable living workshop at the education centre that incorporate the local culture. Activities you can try include how to differentiate and compost waste, growing your own plant and reforestation ball, tasting jamu (traditional Indonesian health drink), dyeing a bandana using natural dyes, organic cotton weaving, and soap upcycling.

It’s a fun and interactive way to reconnect with Mother Nature, while understanding how you can play a part to leave an impact on the environment.

Be a Zero Waste Hero
Zero Waste to Ocean Education Center, Jalan Bongantik, Benoa, Badung Regency, Bali, Indonesia
From RM162 / ~ U$ 39.20 per pax | Book here

9. Sea Walker Coral Rehabilitation

Not quite a swimmer but want to explore the underwater world in Bali? Sea walking is a fantastic way to see the bottom of the ocean and explore the marine life without the hassle that comes with diving.

The diving system is typically used for sustainable sea life conservation, but it is also used for guests who want to see Bali sea life in a different way. You can walk as you would on land, with the helmet to hold you down – and you’ll be able to keep your eyes open comfortably.

It’s not suitable if you have heart problems, respiratory ailments, or are pregnant. That aside, it’s a unique way to experience the big old blue in Bali!

Sea Walker Coral Rehabilitation
Sanur Beach, Bali, Indonesia (Pick up by guide)
From RM260.40 /
~ U$ 62.90 per pax | Book here

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