7 ways to have a very Malaysian Christmas

Tis the season for holiday cheer again! You’ll be glad to know that there are many festive things to do around Malaysia this season, many of which are unique to our country. Here’s how you can celebrate Christmas the Malaysian way.

Have a Chilled Christmas in Cameron Highlands

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There’s an obvious reason why Malaysians love Cameron Highlands. The colder climate there is a sweet escape from the heat down at the lowlands. It’s the closest we can get to that classic chill other countries seem to enjoy.

While it’s a nice place to kick back and relax, Cameron Highlands also has plenty to offer. You can have a picnic amidst the rolling hills, savour strawberries and tea as you please, see a variety of colourful butterflies or trek into a mossy forest filled with exotic montane plants.

Join a Feast-ival

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Like most countries, Christmas in Malaysia is spent with family and friends over a good meal. How about embracing the holiday tradition of overindulgence by going on a food tour? There are many regional food trails to embark on, and here are some of our favorite ones.

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See the Lights at iCity

Photo: Jason Cheong

It’s Christmas every day at iCity. Neon lights transform the city into an enchanting multicolored wonderland, with lighted trees casting warm glow upon its visitors. iCity is also the pit stop for shopping and dining escapades. Not cool enough? Get into a snowball fight or admire the ice sculptures at the SnoWalk!

Get Crafty with Watercolor

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There’s no better time to learn waterbrush calligraphy or create those beautiful watercolor designs you see on Instagram. It’s a good skill to have if you decide to make your own Christmas cards someday.

The Black Milk Project runs regular workshops to hone different watercoloring techniques. You can also get your design printed on a pillow or t-shirt as a last-minute gift.

Nature’s Christmas Lights at Kuala Selangor

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The firefly colony is the most famous attractions in Kuala Selangor. Imagine cruising along a river to watch the fireflies shimmer like Christmas lights in the dark. It’s a wonder of Nature no one should miss.

Of course, Kuala Selangor isn’t just about the the fireflies. Make time to try the fresh seafood, watch a beautiful sunset and feed eagles while you are at this little town.

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See Malacca at Night


Every year in Malacca, the Portuguese Settlement gleams and glistens with festive lights and decorations. It attracts thousands of tourists annually and makes for a grand celebration indeed! That aside, there is much to see, eat and do in Malacca, from the historical buildings to scrumptious food and vibrant culture.

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Celebrate together

Whatever it is, the true Malaysian way to enjoy any holiday is to celebrate together. After all, our multi-cultural community is what makes us truly unique at the end of the day.

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