18 Festive Experience Gift Ideas

We get it, getting a good gift is tough. At some point, you might find yourself frantically wandering around shopping malls or scrolling through websites, without a clue of what to get in your gift hunt.

Nowadays, the trend is to give a gift of experience, an alternative to material gifts. Contrary to popular belief, experience gifts don’t necessarily have to be a whirlwind holiday, circus tickets, or a round of extreme sports. It is all about that heart-warming gesture of spending quality time or having shared memories.

If you are still not sure what to get, here are some gift ideas to put your mind at ease this holiday.

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Makan & Meals

1. Sri Lankan Private Dining

18 Festive Experience Gift Ideas Why not treat your family or friends to a home-cooked meal – without having to do the cooking or cleaning? Private dining experiences are taking Malaysia by storm, and Chef Dyllon’s healthy and delicious twist on Sri Lankan cuisine is worth a bite.

Held in his home in Mont Kiara, he switches up the menu each time, so you might try dishes like fish ambutiyal, spicy fish or chicken curry, chicken devil, Maldives fish sambal, fish cutlets and coconut rotti. Dyllon currently holds two fusion dining experiences – Sri Lankan & Kelantanese and Sri Lankan & Lebanese.

Both perfect for a festive dinner or even a casual get-together. A dining experience comes up to a minimum of RM120 per person, with a maximum of 6 people each time.

Book a Sri Lankan Private Dining with a Healthy Twist, prepared by Chef Dyllon.

2. Dapur Mekwa Kelantanese Supper Club

18 Festive Experience Gift Ideas Take your friend down the fine dining route with a 4-course meal by Dapur Mekwa. Run by dynamic duo CJ and Hashim, the popular supper club in Kuala Lumpur has attracted lots of attention for its traditional Kelantanese dishes, each telling a story.

Acting as a Tok Selampit (or Kelantanese storyteller), Hashim takes his guests down a journey through his heritage, with the excellent cuisine at centre stage. This dining experience costs RM139.20 per guest.

Book a seat at Dapur Mekwa Kelantanese Supper Club.

3. Healthy Indian Delights Cooking Class

18 Festive Experience Gift Ideas Indian food always makes a satisfying meal, and it can also make an awesome gift. Chef Ruth teaches her guests to cook traditional Indian dishes that are both nutritious and packed with those familiar flavours.

Some of the dishes on her menu includes chicken sukka, golden fish curry, naan bread, and lassi. After the cooking session, you can have lunch and bring home the recipe afterwards. The class costs RM116 per person.

Learn to cook Indian food with Chef Ruth.

4. Christmas Yule Log Cake Workshop

18 Festive Experience Gift Ideas There’s nothing quite as Christmassy as a Christmas Yule Log Cake. If your friend has a knack for baking, join a class together to learn how to make this indulgent chocolate buttercream roulade cake. There’s a class happening on 16 December 2018 at MyTown Shopping Centre in KL for RM185 per person.

This class is currently unavailable, but you can continue to join our local experience on LokaLocal.

5. Nasi Lemak Workshop

18 Festive Experience Gift Ideas Don’t be quick to judge the humble Nasi Lemak – it is our Malaysian pride and heritage. You and your friend can learn to cook the nasi lemak and fold them up into hand-carry packets the way Malaysians have done for ages. It goes well with spiced fried chicken, which is another dish you get to try. The class is RM180 per person.

Book a Nasi Lemak workshop on LokaLocal.

Craft & Creativity

6. Floral Hoop Watercolour Workshop

18 Festive Experience Gift Ideas Artistic friends would appreciate a watercolour workshop to hone their painting skills. Run by Black Milk Project, the class gives you step-by-step lessons on how to mix colours, paint in gradients, and creative techniques to make your floral hoop pop.

The studio is also comforting and cozy, plus there are tea and cakes to snack on! It runs from RM211.12 per person.

Book a Floral Hoop Watercolour Workshop on LokaLocal.

7. Kokedama Workshop

18 Festive Experience Gift Ideas Bring a friend with a green thumb to a kokedama workshop. This Japanese hanging garden it is a contemporary bonsai style in which the ornamental plant is grown on a moss-covered ball of soil.

The workshop runs in Georgetown, Penang from RM80 per participant, which includes growing, shaping and caring techniques, along with a high tea set.

Get a gift of nature with the Kokedama Workshop in Penang

8. Jewellery Making Workshop

18 Festive Experience Gift Ideas Instead of buying jewellery, make them in a way that lets you and your friend’s personality shine and shimmer through. The necklace, bracelet and earrings would be great as individual gifts or kept for yourself. Classes are held in the morning or afternoon at Shangri-La Hotel, Kuala Lumpur, and costs RM208.80 per person.

Make three pieces of jewellery in this jewellery making workshop on LokaLocal.

9. Shibori Class

18 Festive Experience Gift Ideas Give your friend a “surprise within a surprise” by attending a Shibori class. The Japanese tie-dye art involves folding, plaiting, crumpling, twisting and plucking to get different patterns. The fun of it is that you won’t know what you’ll get until it is opened!

The fabric can be turned into things like journal, scarf, clutch or pareo – something to remember it by! The Shibori class is run by Batik Boutique and costs RM120 per person, the proceeds of which goes towards helping underprivileged female artisans.

Book a Shibori class on LokaLocal.

10. E-waste Jewellery Workshop with Refugee Students

18 Festive Experience Gift Ideas How about a gift that gives back? This experience isn’t just about making jewellery from electrical waste, it’s also a chance to interact with students at a refugee learning centre. At RM96 per person, it contributes towards the centre, which in turn helps the student become self-sustainable through education.

Join an E-waste Upcycled Jewellery Workshop on LokaLocal.

Out & About

11. Stand up paddling in Putrajaya

18 Festive Experience Gift Ideas For an outdoor activity that is more relaxing than action-based, share the skyline of Putrajaya from the middle of the lake. Stand up paddling is pretty easy to master; 120 minutes of it gives you and your friend enough time to take in the lakeside scenery (and strike some cool poses while you’re at it). Each session costs about RM140 per person.

Book a stand up paddling session in Putrajaya on LokaLocal.

12. Segway Ride in KL Lake Gardens

18 Festive Experience Gift Ideas Who needs to stroll when you can ride against the wind? Bring your friend on a Segway ride of a lifetime in KL’s iconic park. Feeling the thrill of riding the electric transporters is an added bonus while you explore the attractions of the KL Lake Gardens.

Ride a Segway at KL Lake Gardens in our featured tour on 15 Dec 2018 or book a regular session. 

13. Fun Caving at the back of Batu Caves

18 Festive Experience Gift Ideas If your friend is an exercise junkie, go on a fun caving experience at Gua Damai. Located at the back of Batu Caves hill, there are also other activities available including rock climbing, hiking, abseiling and spelunking, with various levels of difficulty. Caving takes only 2 hours and is fairly easy to do – it starts at RM73.40

Join a fun caving tour at Gua Damai.

14. See Melaka on Bike

18 Festive Experience Gift Ideas Take your friend off the beaten track by cycling in the less touristy places of Melaka. The trail is mostly off-road and stretches for some 20km through a scenic countryside and villages. Don’t worry, the terrain is not too difficult and you can cycle at your own pace. The bike tour is around RM122.33.

Book Melaka on Bike Tour on LokaLocal.

Luxury & Comfort

15. The Art of Modern Tea Brewing

18 Festive Experience Gift Ideas Get a lesson in the fine art of tea and tea brewing together. For RM 150 per pax, you and your friend can learn about the different types of Chinese tea, followed by a hands-on lesson in brewing two selected teas.

Get a Lesson in Modern Tea Brewing.

16. Fly across Klang Valley for 30 minutes

18 Festive Experience Gift Ideas Soar across the sky in a private plane and catch the most majestic views of Klang Valley. Lasting for 30 minutes, the route takes you to Petaling Jaya, the City Area, Bukit Lanjan and Subang. It costs RM638 for up to 3 people.

17. Hot Air Balloon Adventure in Putrajaya

18 Festive Experience Gift Ideas If you feel like splurging for that special someone, take them sky-high in a hot air balloon. The magical ride above the breathtaking Putrajaya lasts for 45 mins to 1 hour, followed by a buffet breakfast at a five-star hotel. It costs RM1160 per pax.

Have a Hot Air Balloon Adventure in Putrajaya.

18. Tandem Paragliding at Bukit Jugra or Chemor, Perak

18 Festive Experience Gift Ideas A leap of fate is as good a gift as any! Tandem paragliding makes you feel like a superhero soaring through the sky, but with a safety instructor with you. It costs about RM220 onwards per person, for the 15 minute ride.

Book a paragliding experience on LokaLocal.

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