16 Places in Malaysia to Celebrate NYE with Family

Haven’t decided where to usher in the New Year? These are some places to soak up the fun and festive vibes – plus your family can actually have something to do together!


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1. Dataran Merdeka

Imagine watching fireworks light up the sky behind the iconic Sultan Abdul Samad building – definitely one for your truly Malaysian checklist!

2. KLCC Park

Bustling and illuminated by lights, this spacious park gives you an impressive view of the fireworks. You might want to go early to shop in the mall, watch the light show and get yourself a spot!

3. Desa Park City

If you are looking for a place to bring small children and pets (although we don’t think your pets would enjoy it), Desa Park City has a park for you to sit in and wait for the fireworks. Got time before that? There are many shops and restaurants for you to check out before the countdown starts.


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4. The Curve, Mutiara Damansara

Thinking of celebrating at the Curve? Head over for dinner at one of the many eateries, walk around the bazaar, then choose a good spot for the countdown. The main square is usually where people would spray foam once the New Year rolls in, but the views of the fireworks might be obstructed. If watching fireworks is your goal, move out towards the main street.


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5. Light and Motion Putrajaya (LAMPU)

Every year, our administrative centre is lit by futuristic lights and multi-colored rays. Some of the highlights include the projection mapping show, light shows, “painted” Palace of Justice” and digital fireworks.


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Photo: Instagram/ amir.ahmad.amir

6. Pesta Pulau Pinang

Thrilling rides, fun games and lots of Penang food – who wouldn’t love this? Apart from its popular Euro Fun Park, the annual Pesta Pulau Pinang hosts over 300 vendors with plenty of activities to entertain the whole family.

7. Penang Straits Quay

Straits Quay comes to life during New Year’s Eve with spectacular LED performances, live band performances, games and of course, a grand fireworks display.

8. Auto-City

The NYE celebration in Auto-City is another event that never fails to take place each year. Expect performances, music, competitions and other exciting line-ups – leading up to the final Big Bang!


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9. Pantai Cenang, Langkawi

Although there may not always be fireworks, Pantai Cenang is still a hotspot for local and international visitors during New Year’s Eve. After taking in the amazing sunset, you enjoy the beach vibe, illuminated by sky lanterns.


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10. Lost World of Tambun

This excitement in this popular amusement park is turned up a notch at the end of the year with its annual NYE celebrations. Expect DJ performances, fun-filled shows, activities and a fireworks display!


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11. Melaka River

If anywhere is going be bustling in Melaka, it’s likely the area around Melaka River. The historic centre has a plethora of local eateries, and in certain places like Jonker Walk, there might be small fireworks to see once the clock strikes 12.

12. Dataran Pahlawan

This friendly neighborhood mall is a smaller version of Dataran Merdeka, so it may not have the whole KL extravagance. Still, it is flocked by both locals and travelers during New Year’s Eve.


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13. Genting Highlands

Throughout the holiday period, Genting Highlands holds evergreen concerts and live performances. Your family can enjoy the usual theme park attractions and usher in the New Year with its digital countdown clock.


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Photo: johornow.com

14. Puteri Harbour

New Year’s Eve is a grand affair at Puteri Harbour. There would be Malaysian artistes on stage, artisanal fairs selling goodies and a brilliant firework show you wouldn’t want to miss.

15. Legoland

Want a bit of Disney in Malaysia? We have our own theme park NYE spectacular at Legoland. There is the special bricks firework show, where you get to see the fireworks transform into Lego bricks through 3D glasses. Kids’ New Year’s Eve Party starts from 6pm to 8pm, so you won’t have to worry about bedtime.

16. Sutera Mall

Sutera Mall puts on lion dances, street food fiestas and fireworks for their countdown party every year.

Happy New Year!


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