5 Reasons to try this Kelantanese Supper Club when you are in KL

Being a foodie, the Kelantanese Supper Club and Dinner Party I spotted on LokaLocal definitely sparked my interest. The menu sounded really captivating and the pictures made me drool! So for the love of food, a foodie must go when she is called upon.

So what exactly is it? Hosted by Dapur Mekwa Grub Club, it is a cross between a dinner party and a restaurant. First of its kind in Malaysia, this Kelantanese fine-dining is more like a social experience enriched with the state’s culture and heritage, rather than just a dinner. It gives you the informality of eating at the chef’s private residence with the added benefit of dining out – no cooking and no cleaning! It’s the best of both worlds!

Here are five reasons why Dapur Mekwa’s supper club experience is a must-try:

Try this Kelantanese supper club experience by Dapur Mekwa on LokaLocal

1. Meet a famous Malaysian film director

The chef is well known to Malaysians for directing MAS Airline’s short films “Terbang” and “Blessings”, after the MH370 incident. If you aren’t familiar with these, I’m sure you would have seen his viral work “Lundang to New Castle” that got everyone talking. Yes, that’s right, he is none other than the film director Mohd Hisham!

Our friendly and talented chef Hisham

His nature of storytelling, in addition to his culinary skills, made this dining experience extraordinary. From the ingredients used, to the concept and presentation, every dish comes with a spectacular Kelantanese story.

Hisham was the Tok Selampit – what the Kelantanese call a traditional storyteller – for the night, connecting us to the stories of the mystical state through food.

2. Enjoy the sunset against the backdrop of the Dragonback

When we first arrived at the residence, we were warmly welcomed by the bubbly CJ. He gave us a short tour around the house, before bringing us to join the early-comers at the balcony. It opened out to one of the most magnificent sunset views I had ever seen.

Sunset view from the balcony | Photo by Gavin Choong

We were given pre-dinner welcome drinks and refreshing starters, while taking in the beauty of sunset and a peek of our Malaysian Dragonback aka Bukit Tabur.

Delicious and mouth-watering starters

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3. Be a princess for a night, eat like royalty

Every dinner holds a royal theme, featuring princesses of yore such as Puteri Gunung Ledang and Puteri Sadong. At the table, each place setting includes a card with stories of these Kelantanese legends. Mine was Cik Siti Wan Kembang, the only princess who fought in a battle behind a horseback with a sword, and the only queen Kelantan has ever coronated.

The rustic table setting adds to the royal theme

The table is decorated with flowers and candlelights, giving it a cosy and warm atmosphere. Bronze and wood cutleries matched the flowery plates, adding a rustic flair to this personalised display of cultural heritage.

4. Big plates, small food? No way!

To most people, “fine dining” evokes the image of big plates, with small portions of food. Don’t let this fool you into skipping this meal!

Delicious appetizer that tantalizes your tasatebuds | Photo by Gavin Choong
Appetizer made of 15 different ingredients
Main course: big plate, huge portion
Dessert comprises a perfect blend of sweet and savory

The only “fine dining” element about it is how Chef Hisham modified to serve the food as course meals instead of communal-style, in typical local fashion. Hence, the food portion is NOT compromised!

5. Meet like-minded friends: FOODIES!

Throughout the night I was privileged to sit with a group of really interesting people: a Swedish, a Singaporean, a British and several locals from fascinating background. This is a social dining experience – that means you meet people by having a meal with them. As it is only limited to maximum of only 10 pax at a time, you are sure to meet like-minded people at the same table. All hail foodies!

Group photo with the fellow foodies after dinner | Photo by Walter

When it comes to trying new things, and meeting new people, I’m sure many agree with me that food is always a good idea. After all, people who love to eat are always the best people. Am I right… or am I right?

Ready for a dining experience in Malaysia like no other? Book your seat with Dapur Mekwa by Hisham and CJ now!


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