Must Try Apam Balik in Titi, Jelebu

The Apam Balik at Titi village, from the district of Jelebu in Negeri Sembilan, will thrill all you sweet tooths out there.

Apam Balik Lejen Cheese is a small roadside stall in Titi village in Negeri Sembilan, located along the main road in front of the Titi Police Station. Locals love to pop by for some freshly made Apam Balik.

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Locals favourite traditional snack

Apam Balik is a local pancake turnover typically made on a flat pan, then folded in half once cooked. It comes with all sorts of fillings, from traditional ingredients like roasted peanuts, sweet corn and sugar, to modern options like chocolate, banana and cheese. The pancake can also come in different degrees of thickness: some like it thin and crispy, while others like it thick and fluffy.

Many Malaysians grow up eating Apam Balik for breakfast, right after a trip to the morning market. Simple, sweet and satisfying, this comforting street food can be found in roadside stalls and street carts today.

We tried the Apam Balik Chocolate + Cheese

Apam Balik Lejen Cheese makes them daily and on the spot with fresh batter. Their Apam Balik Original (RM3.50) and Apam Balik Crispy (RM2 for 1, RM5 for 3). are very popular. You’ll notice many locals stopping by to buy them and have them to go.

While you can’t go wrong with traditional fillings, you may like to try their next popular flavour: Apam Balik Choclate + Cheese (RM10). After cooking the batter till it reaches its fluffy goodness, it is generously loaded with chocolate sprinkles, cheese and condensed milk.

Once the pancake is folded, it is coated with margarine and sliced into several bite-sized pieces.

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So what’s the verdict? You’ll like it if you enjoy having it rich and oozing with chocolate and cheese. Let’s face it, you’re not going to be able to finish unless you have a couple of friends to share it with!

Apam Balik Lejen Cheese
Opposite Woon Yi Enterprise (137, Jalan Belakang, Taman Desa), In front of Titi Police Station
Opening Times: 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM daily
Website: Facebook

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