These cooking classes take you into the local’s kitchen in Penang!

Food, food and more food.

You can’t leave Penang without tasting the food. But how about learning some secrets of Penang cooking? The island has talented chefs who have grown up surrounded by diverse food cuisines, being in the kitchen and inheriting their family secrets. There’s no better way to bring home valuable recipes!

Here are some cooking classes that will have you move away from learning from Youtube or recipe websites – learning instead from Penang locals who know their recipes like the back of their hand.

1. Learn the secrets of Penang recipes from Khalid

Penang Secret Recipes with Khalid

Located in the centre of Georgetown’s endless attractions, this cooking class hosted by Khalid is a hit amongst travellers in Penang. Its proximity to these heritage sites is a plus as you won’t have to travel long and far to get from one destination to another.

He introduces and teaches dishes originating from the three main ethnic groups of Malaysia; Malay, Chinese and Indian, and his menu includes the classics such as Nasi Lemak, Penang Laksa and Dhall/Lentil Curry.

Khalid teaches a total of three dishes, therefore, you will definitely touch on more than one cuisine. As you will prepare three dishes, you would also have the chance to make a traditional dessert such as Onde-Onde.

Book a class to learn the secrets of Penang recipes with Khalid.

2. Cook dishes from around South-East Asia with Alou

cooking with Alou

What’s special about Alou’s cooking class is that she teaches a variety of cuisines, specifically South East Asian. So if you want something other than Malaysian food, you can go for Indian, Thai or Vietnamese.

Alou takes you to the Penang market to discover ingredients distinct in Penang. She also likes introducing a beloved local breakfast dish called Chee Cheong Fun to guests. It is Alou’s number one pick!

Alou is extremely flexible and is open to any menu suggestions. You can personalise the request on the website.

Get the full cooking and market experience with Alou on LokaLocal

3. Prepare Penang street food with a professional chef

Chef Samuel's cooking class

Chef Samuel is a Malaysian homegrown and professionally trained chef, and he has been teaching guests how to take street food into the kitchen!

During his classes, he shows you how to choose fresh ingredients at the Air Itam Wet Market, where you will witness the vibrant atmosphere and munch on a local breakfast dish of your choice.

Sweet tooths will also like that there’s traditional desserts, or kuih-muih, as we call it. Some of the sweet treats you could make, depending on the day, include Onde-Onde, Kuih Dadar Gulung and Kuih Koci, all of which are local favourites.

Join Chef Samuel’s hawker food cooking class and market experience

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