11 Legendary Food at Imbi Market, Kuala Lumpur

These 11 food stalls at Imbi Market, Kuala Lumpur are too legendary to miss.

Located within ICC Pudu Building, this indoor morning market is a local haunt for early-rising KL folks looking to get their week’s worth of fresh produce, meat and spices, as well as dried goods and household supplies.

Many would also make a pit stop at Medan Selera, a food court with some of the city’s long-standing hawker stalls for breakfast or brunch. Consisting mostly of Chinese vendors, each stall offers authentic local delicacies that has fed generations of KL-ites!

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1. Mee Halia

There’s nothing quite like a bowl of ginger wine broth to boost your energy. And while traditionally this is used to help new mothers regain their strength after childbirth, it doesn’t mean that we can’t enjoy it too.

Mee Halia is famous for their Ginger Wine Noodles (RM9), served with pork slices, prawns, egg and fresh ginger. Piping hot and flavourful, the intoxicating soup warms the belly, making it an excellent comfort food.

Mee Halia
Address: Stall G-29, ICC Pudu
Opening Times: 6:00 AM – 2:00 PM (Tue – Sun), closed on Mon 

2. Ann Nasi Lemak

This irresistible dish at Ann Nasi Lemak (From RM9) comes with a not-so-secret ingredient: pork skin curry.

Make it a culinary symphony by pairing it with the usual fanfare – aromatic coconut rice, sambal, cucumbers, anchovies and other side dishes you fancy. You pay depending on what you choose. Not keen on pork skin? The other curries pack a punch too.

Ann Nasi Lemak
Address: Stall G-24, ICC Pudu
Opening Times: 7:00 AM – 12:30 PM (Tue – Thu), 7:00 AM – 12:00 PM (Sat – Sun)

3. QQ Penang Popiah

Don’t be quick to dismiss this traditional household dish. Made with thin spring roll skin, their Traditional Popiah (RM2.80) has a nice crunch from its savoury inner fillings such as grated turnip, shrimps, bean sprouts and grounded peanuts.

Their super crispy popiah also makes a good appetizer or light breakfast dish. Dip it in sweet bean sauce for a dash of sweetness.

QQ Penang Popiah
Address: Stall G-14, ICC Pudu

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4. Feng Yang Wantan Noodles

It’s not everyday that you get to try Wantan Noodles with curry (RM8.50). Feng Yang Wan Tan Noodles makes their curry rich and aromatic, loaded with BBQ pork, tofu puffs and long beans to soak up the fiery broth. If you like flavours to come with a bang, this is a worthy contender.

Feng Yan Wantan Noodles
Address: Stall G-56, ICC Pudu
Opening Times: 6:00 AM – 2:00 PM (Tue – Sun), closed on Mon
Phone: +6011-2625 2439

5. Seafood Noodle Stall (unnamed)

While this dish is on the pricier side, seafood lovers will love the Crispy Big Prawn Noodles (RM30). The huge and juicy prawn is cooked with deep-fried noodles and creamy, egg-based broth.

Seafood Noodle Stall (unnamed)
Address: Jalan Klang Banting, Taman Telok, 42500 Telok Panglima Garang, Selangor

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6.  Ah Fook Chee Cheong Fun

Ah Fook Chee Cheong Fun’s speciality is the Yong Tau Fu Chee Cheong Fun (RM8.40). It combines two Chinese cuisines locals love: rice noodle rolls, and fresh Hakka-style tofu variations. For a scrumptious finishing touch, drench it with curry and sweet sauces.

Ah Fook Chee Cheong Fun
Address: ICC Pudu
Opening Times: 7:00 AM – 12:00 PM (Tue – Sun), closed on Mon

7. Bunn Choon

You know something is up when all Bunn Choon sells are their egg tarts, and the crowd won’t stop coming. That’s 120 years of pastry perfection right there.

The wobbly egg custard centre is encased within an additively layered crust – all the more extraordinary in its simplicity. We couldn’t stop munching.

Bunn Choon
Address: Stall G-49, ICC Pudu
Opening Times: 8:30 AM – 1:00 PM (Tue – Sun), closed on Mon
Phone: +6016-2287625

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8. IMBI Kueh Bakul

Kuih Bakul, or Nian Gao is a sweet, sticky snack made from glutinous rice flour. IMBI Kueh Bakul’s bestseller is Triple Kueh Bakul (RM1.80). The sticky rice cake is sandwiched between yam and sweet potato, then deep-fried and chopped into bite-sized pieces. The street snack is crispy on the outside, and gooey on the inside

IMBI Kueh Bakul
Address: Stall G-49, ICC Pudu
Opening Times: 8:00 AM – 2:00 PM (Tue – Sun), closed on Mon

9.  Sister Mei

Sister Mei invites you on a culinary blast to the past with its three-generation kuihs (RM2-RM6). If the colourful Nyonya Kuih on display aren’t enough to amaze you, the traditional flavous of the Red Bean Rice Pudding, Nyonya Dumpling and Put Chai Ko probably would. The latter comes in brown sugar and pandan flavours.

Sister Mei
Address: Stall G-11, ICC Pudu
Opening Times: 8:00 AM – sold out (Tue – Sun), closed on Mon
Phone: +6016-221 8853 / +6016-263 8853 / +603-2274 5082

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10. Wong Yoot Sim Pan Mee

Wong Yoot Sim Pan Mee is somewhat a newcomer of 4 years, but it is a crowd-pleaser for those looking to satisfy their Mee cravings. Their signature Pan Mee (RM7 – RM7.50) comes with a hearty broth, topped with anchovies, minced meat, mushroom and vegetables.

Wong Yoot Sim Pan Mee
Stall G-22, ICC Pudu
Opening Times: 8:00 PM – sold out (Tue – Sun), closed on Mon

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11. Juice Squeezer

To cleanse your palate or stave off the heat, try the Fruit Juices (RM 7 – RM7.50). The stall owner makes them fresh upon order using tropical fruits like watermelons, oranges, coconuts, bananas and apples, along with a range of refreshing combinations.

Juice Squeezer
Stall G-67, ICC Pudu
Opening Times: 8:00 PM – sold out (Tue – Sun), closed on Mon

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