5 Things You Need to Know about Durians Before Eating Them! [Updated]

A lonely planet writer, Anita Isalska, once wrote, “You don’t need to go looking for durian. The powerful odor of this boulder-like fruit will find you.” She’s not entirely wrong, except for the fact that most Malaysians favorite past time is hunting for the best durian feast to indulge.

RM9 Durian buffet

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Eat-all-you-can. Unlimited durian. Durian buffet. These words are what we’re constantly on the lookout.

For most Malaysians, hunting a great durian buffet maybe worthy of time and money but it what also matters is its grade. If you didn’t know, there’s not just one kind of durian in the market but plenty. Ask a durian expert and they’ll tell you that this creamy, exotic fruit is not loved at first sight for everyone as “the smell of the ripe fruit is certainly at first disagreeable” and “like eating sweet raspberry blancmange in the lavatory.”

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types of durians

While Isalska was probably right about the fruit’s ability to turn many travelers off with its “stinking stench”, it seems that the other market segment would highly disagree about the smell and still continues to enjoy this ‘King of Fruits’…

Other kinds of durian

It’s either you love it or hate it.

Whether your love-hate relationship with this fruit takes you across states to the orchards or away from your friendly neighborhood’s free-flow-of-durian stall, there are benefits to consuming this almighty fruit after all…

1. If you’re trying to gain weight…

This could be your answer to those extra kilos you’re looking to pile on for years. Some people are blessed with mega-metabolism-rate that they’ll never gain weight no matter how hard they’ve tried. Even though it’s not recommended to eat durians every day (it’s not practical and budget friendly too), but one average sized (1kg) durian is about 1,350 calories! Good for those who are gunning to achieve their 2,000 daily calorie intake.

2. Eat moderately for good health…

Rich with potassium, iron, dietary fiber, vitamin C and vitamin B complex, this naturally enhanced fruit is fortified with all the excellent nutrients needed by our bodies to support our immune system, enhance red blood cells generation, improve our muscle strength, blood pressure, bowel movements and you’ll be surprised- skin health. Just be wary and drink a lot of water to avoid internal, excess body heat.

As for people who suffer from diabetes, it’s not a good idea to devour this fruit even if it’s highly irresistible. High with simple sugars – sucrose, fructose and glucose, eating durians is like asking for potential health troubles. Which leads us to the next point…

3. Nature’s best energy booster…

Aside from nutrients-dense, durian also contains a substantial amount of carbohydrates (this explains why diabetic sufferers best avoid this fruit) This means that durian is a natural energy booster and can be consumed to instantly replenish low energy levels (only works for healthy individuals). Speaking of which, runner and athletes can look forward to this durian-fueled running event!

4. Zero cholesterol, high energizer to fuel the body…

Good news- Durians are cholesterol FREE! Even though durian has healthy monounsaturated fats that can reduce lower bad cholesterol levels, it doesn’t mean that you should down ten durians in a go. Rule of thumb: Everything should be taken in moderation. Always-

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5. Eating durian increases libido- not…

Some may have heard that this fruit is responsible to improve our libido and may even take it to heart.  Durians may cause your body temperature to soar, but it’s unlikely to qualify the fruit as an aphrodisiac.

So how many seeds are considered too many?

Dietitian’s advice: Two to three seeds for consumption will suffice for healthy individuals. Even though it’s highly nutritious, like all any other food intake, it is always advisable to consume in moderation. For those with health problems, best is to consult your doctor for advice and dietary suggestions.

ps: Think you’re a durian expert? Have a too-good-to-be-true experience about durians you want to share with us? Write to us at hello@lokalocal.com! 🙂

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