Sin Swee Fatt: Five-Generation Handmade Paus of Titi, Jelebu

This famous handmade pau shop has fed the village of Kampung Baru Titi for five generations.

Most people know that Negeri Sembilan is no stranger to local delights like Siew Pau, especially in Seremban. However, there is a little village in the district of Jelebu known for its repertoire of Hakka kuihs and dumplings.

Given how small the settlement is, it wouldn’t take you long to find Biskut Sin Swee Fatt, a traditional bakery and legacy of the Lee family. Outside, bamboo steamers lined with piping hot buns coax hungry passers-by to bring home a few paus for breakfast. Inside, Sifu Lee Ai Zhen and her family prepare their daily bakes from as early as 7am.

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Back to their roots

The founder of the family business is none other than Sifu Lee’s great grandmother. The entrepreneurial woman brought over her recipe from China, and decided to raise her family by selling homemade pastries. This knowledge was then passed down for generations, with Sifu Lee being the 4th, and her son, the 5th.

The 61-year-old recalls helping her grandmother at the back of the shop since the tender age of 8. At the time, she was only tasked to prepare the pastry skin. It was only when Sifu Lee was 13 that she was trusted to learn the recipe, and finally take over the business after several years of mastering the techniques.

For a number of years in between, she decided to venture out of Jelebu and closed the shop. It was only when her son, Yap, proposed the idea to revive the business that the doors to their age-old bakery were finally opened once more.

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It isn’t every day that you find the younger generation vying to return to their hometown to bring back an age-old flavour. For locals in Titi, this was very much welcomed.

Oven Oldies

According to the family, there has not been much variation to the original recipe throughout the years. They cater to the tastes of Titi folks, but they have been well-received by visitors. Some customers have gone so far as to make a trip to the village just to pick up their bite-sized Hakka delights.

Traditional pastries take the spotlight here, from steamed buns, to kaya puff and old-fashioned biscuits. Here’s what they offer:

Baked Siew Pau 叉骚包 (RM2.30) – Flavourful and different from regular Seremban Siew Pau. This is apparently one of their oldest, most sought after recipes.

Signature Big Pau 招牌大包 (RM5.50)
Red Bean Pau 古早味豆沙包 (RM1.80) – no dot, round
Kaya Pau 加央包 (RM1.80) – green dot, round
Vegetable Pau 菜包 (RM2.00) – no dot, patterned
Preserved Vegetable Pau 梅菜包 (RM2.00) – red dot
Butter Sweet Corn Pau 奶油流沙包 (RM2.00) – yellow dot
Petai Pau 香辣臭豆包 (RM2.50) – green dot, patterned

Walnut Biscuit / Hup Tou Sou 核桃酥 (RM1.50 for a pack of 4) – Old school taste the older generation may remember

Kaya Puff 加央角 (RM1.50)

Our favourites from the lot are the Siew Pau and Signature Big Pau, while other popular flavours include the Vegetarian Pau and Preserved Vegetarian Pau.

What’s interesting is that their pastries are completely made from scratch, including the red bean paste and kaya. We love that Red Bean Bun and Kaya Bun come with a more subtle, natural taste. If you are vegetarian, you’re in luck. Most of the pastries here are vegetarian, with both sweet and savoury options. And they can be pretty filling!

The next time you are in Titi, Jelebu, you’ll be hard-pressed to stop by Sin Swee Fatt for five-generation pastries.

Kedai Biskut Sin Swee Fatt
Address: 142B, Jalan Besar, 71650 Titi, Negeri Sembilan
Opening Times: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM, closed on Mon & Tues
Phone: 016-378 8823

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