Tanjung Sepat: 8 Food to Eat in Selangor’s Seaside Village

Tanjung Sepat is a small and vibrant fishing village in Selangor, just a 1.5 drive away from Kuala Lumpur. With its laidback vibes and fresh seafood, people love planning a weekend getaway or road trip here. In fact, we’ve compiled a handy list of 8 food you can tuck into or buy as souvenirs at Tanjung Sepat.

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1. Wait for Awhile Kopitiam

Best For: Old-school coffee and tea

Wait for Awhile Kopitiam is traditional coffee shop in Tanjung Sepat, beloved for its small town breakfast favourites, including coffee, tea and roti bakar (toasted bread with kaya and butter). The friendly owner returned to the village to help his relative after he retired, and has been running the shop for over 10 years.

The beverages here come in a variety of coffee, tea and milo combinations. Most people go for a cup of hot and steamy Kopi C to go with their toast, but you can also have drinks like Nescoffee, Coffee + Milo, Coffee + Tea and Three Layered Coffee or Tea (around RM1.40 – RM3.00). The specialty drink here is the experimental ice cream combo (around RM5.00 – RM6.00) his son had helped him with, which goes with any of their drinks.

We tried the Kopi C (RM1.50) which is strong and aromatic, made from locally roasted coffee beans. We love how the vanilla ice cream in the Kopi C Ice Cream (RM5.00) gives it an addictive sundae taste. Perfect way to start your morning!

Wait for Awhile Kopitiam 等一下咖啡
402, Jalan Besar, Pekan Tanjung Sepat, 42800 Tanjong Sepat, Selangor
Opening Times: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM, closed on Mon & Tues

2. Joo Fa Trading

Best For: Coffee Beans

Early in the morning along Jalan Besar, the fragrant smell of Liberica Robusta coffee beans fills the air.

Joo Faa Trading is a family-run coffee business that still tediously makes it using traditional methods. It has now been around for over 50 years and is run by its 2nd generation. If you like the coffee at Wait for Awhile Kopitiam, this is where he gets his caffeine-rich stock.

The shop sells their handmade coffee beans and coffee powder. According to the owners, the small bag (RM8) is usually popular among visitors, although you can also get them in different sizes and grades.

Joo Fa Trading 裕发咖啡贸易
No. 356, Lorong 5, Jalan Besar, Selangor, 42800 Tanjung Sepat
Opening Times: 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM, daily

3. Lover Bridge Beach Local Product

Best For: Fried Ice Cream

Many locals born in the 80s and 90s (those living in surrounding areas at least) would remember having their first taste of fried ice cream in Tanjung Sepat. If you’re confused by this elusive conundrum, it is basically ice cream wrapped in buttered bread, kept in the freezer before it is then deep-fried upon order.

In a single bite, you can taste the crispy, buttery outer crust juxtaposed by the Neapolitan ice cream mixture. For those who remember this simple snack from childhood, you’ll be whisked back with each bite. Or if this is your first time, your inner child just might fall in love with it.

This can be found at the shop next to the iconic Tanjung Sepat Lovers Bridge.

Lover Bridge Beach Local Product
Tepi Laut 2, Pantai Tanjung Sepat, Selangor, 42800 Tanjung Sepat

4. Mr Black Bao Shop

Best For: Handmade Pau

Mr Black Bao Shop is one of two well-known dumpling stores in the area. Located at a shop lot facing the main road, the family-run business has been in operation for around 10 years.

The shop has an old-town vibe, with a large window where you can watch the workers in action behind the scenes. You can bet that every batch is made fresh each day!

They have around 10 different flavours on the menu, which you can pick from the steamer depending on what is on offer at the time. We had the signature Huang Jiu Ji Bao (or Yellow Wine Chicken Pau), which is juicy and has a slight wine aroma. Another popular flavour is the Mei Cai Pau, filled with subtly savoury preserved vegetables. The handmade paus are priced between RM2.20 to RM3.00.

Mr Black Bao Shop
Pekan Tanjung Sepat, 42800 Tanjong Sepat, Selangor
Opening Times: 8:30 AM – 6.30 AM, daily
Phone: 016-208 5374

Discover local experiences in Selangor, Malaysia.

5. Ah Hock Seafood Bak Kut Teh

Best For: Seafood Bak Kut Teh

Bak Kut Teh fans, anyone? This unassuming stall of has won awards and hearts with its hearty and comforting seafood bak kut teh. Ah Hock Bak Kut Teh has been using their secret recipe for over 10 years.

Every bowl is cooked on the spot with fresh prawns, fish slices and pork. You can taste the freshness of the sea embroiled in the herbal soup, with a slight dash of Chinese wine for more depth.

The shop opens rather early in the morning and closes by midday. You might want to save your stomach to tuck into this filling dish.

Ah Hock Seafood Bak Kut Teh 阿福海鲜肉骨茶
Lot 2250 Lorong 3, Jalan Pasar, Tanjung Sepat, Selangor
Opening Times: 6:30 AM – 12:30 PM daily
Phone: 019-606 6288

6. Yek Loong Enterprise

Best For: Yong Tau Fu

It’s easy to get food-based souvenirs at Tanjung Sepat. As you reach Yek Loong Enterprise, you’ll notice locals busy at work as they prepare their fresh daily batches. According to the owner Ah Wei, the shop is 26 years strong and supplies around 10 different kinds of fish balls, fuzhok and yong tau fu.

We gave one of their yong tau fu a try and loved that it is fresh. Most people make a pit stop here to get their steamboat necessities, as the products can keep for around 10 days.

Yek Loong Enterprise 裕隆鱼丸企业
20, Jalan Bawal 4, Taman Mutiara, 42800 Tanjong Sepat, Selangor
Opening Times: 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM, Closed on Tues (half day)

7. Baywatch Restaurant

Best For: O Chien, Salted Egg Sotong & Ai Yu Bing

With the gentle sea breeze by its side, Baywatch Restaurant is a familiar name among locals and visitors, especially when it comes to lunch or dinner. Chinese-style seafood mains take the stage, and can be paired with rice.

We can see why their O Chien (Oyster Omelette) is such a big hit: the generous serving of succulent morsels add a natural savouriness to the egg. Don’t be fooled by the relatively small size of the oysters; this is because the owners only source them from Orang Asli fishermen in the area, who still use traditional methods to collect these oysters. Every day they get a limited supply, so you’ll be lucky to have this dish!

We also had the Salted Egg Sotong, yet another local favourite for its crunch and umami flavour, and Sambal Fried Vegetables. Try the Ai Yu Bing, a jelly-based thirst quencher with a zesty goodness.

Baywatch Restaurant
72, Jalan 3, Pekan Tanjung Sepat, 42800 Tanjong Sepat, Selangor
Opening Times: 11:00 AM – 11:00 PM

Discover local experiences in Selangor, Malaysia.

8. Arowana Malayan Food Industries

Best For: Local Chips

You’ll want to stop by this shop for local souvenirs that come with crunch! This is where you can get your supply of kerepek (plant-based chips) and keropok (animal-based chips cooked with flour). For plant-based chips alone, Arowana Malaysia has about 40 different flavours, including tapioca, arrowhead, and banana.

Everything is cooked and packaged in-house. On lucky days you have a chance to see how it is prepared at the factory next door. Otherwise, you can be content just getting a bag or two or three home.

Arowana Malayan Food Industries
Lot 2926, Kampung Tanjung Sepat Darat, 42800 Tanjong Sepat, Selangor
Opening Times: 8:30 AM – 6:00 PM
Phone: 03-3197 3888

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