Top 10 Malaysian Breakfasts You Shouldn’t Miss

“Eat breakfast like a king”, or so they say. This is not far from the truth for Malaysians as there are all sorts of delectable delights worth waking up for. Here are the top 10 breakfasts you can find (and would definitely want to devour) in Malaysia.

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1. Nasi Lemak

Top 10 Malaysian BreakfastsThis national dish is one of Malaysia’s most popular breakfasts. This fragrant rice dish is infused with coconut milk, paired with egg, nuts, anchovies, cucumber and sambal. TIME Magazine even listed nasi lemak as one of the 10 most healthy international breakfasts. Say no more.

2. Dim Sum

Top 10 Malaysian BreakfastsDim Sum are bite-sized food served in small baskets or plates, typically served with Chinese tea. There are loads of variations to choose from, although some of the more popular ones are the Xiao Long Bao, Har Gow (Shrimp dumpling), Siu Mai (Steamed dumplings with pork and prawns) and Loh Bak Gao (steamed turnip cake).

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3. Roti Canai

Top 10 Malaysian BreakfastsFound in mamak stalls across Malaysia, this Indian flatbread comes with different fillings, and is served with dahl (lentil gravy) and curry. Watching it being prepared itself is a spectacle as the roti is flung into the air like a pizza base. Best washed down with a cup of teh tarik.

4. Kaya Toast with Eggs

Top 10 Malaysian BreakfastsThis is a classic Southeast Asian breakfast combo – toast slathered with butter and kaya, served with soft boiled eggs. Want to go old school? Have it with a cup of hot coffee, the way locals do.

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5. Apam Balik

Top 10 Malaysian BreakfastsApam Balik is a Malaysian street food and pancake filled with nuts, although you can find versions with sweet corn, chocolate and sesame seeds. There are two kinds of apam balik – one which is thick and soft, while the other is thin and crispy.

6. Stir-Fried Noodles

Top 10 Malaysian BreakfastsStir-fried noodles is the to-go dish for a hearty pick-me-upper. From mee goreng to Char Kuey Teow, these dishes get their distinct aroma from the high temperature used to fry them.

7. Milo with Biscuits

Top 10 Malaysian BreakfastsMilo is a malt chocolate drink that Malaysian children raved over. You can also get milo dinosaur, a gigantic cup of cold Milo with a heap of Milo powder on the top. Most people choose to dip their cream crackers or biscuits into a nice, warm cup of this yummy drink.

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8. Teh Tarik

Top 10 Malaysian BreakfastsYou haven’t been to Malaysia until you’ve tasted Teh Tarik, or “pulled tea”. This sweet and hot milk tea beverage got its name from the way the tea is dramatically poured from cup to cup to achieve that frothy surface. It pairs well with any breakfast meal.

9. Chee Cheong Fun

Top 10 Malaysian BreakfastsChee Cheong Fun is a rice noodle roll that is steamed and taken with sauce, either sweet or savoury. It can be eaten as part of dim sum, but on its own it can be quite filling as well!

10. Curry Puff

Curry puff is a pastry snack that resembles a miniature pie, stuffed with curried potatoes and meat, then deep-fried in hot oil. An on-the-go Malaysian treat, basically!

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Images compiled by Azfar Rosehaizat
Words by Rachael Lum


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