Yuna’s fashion being compared to kek lapis is the sweetest thing you’ll see today

Malaysian’s talented singer-songwriter Yuna Zarai is getting back into the spotlight recently following the release of her latest hit Forevermore, which was shot entirely in Malaysia. Lately, her fashion is also becoming the talk of the internet, especially in a Twitter thread that has gone viral since 13 April.

The thread by abdulalhafizismail features Yuna in her notably vibrant outfits being paired with – wait for it – Sarawak layer cakes. Known as kek lapis in Malay, this dessert is famous for its variety of patterns and colours, on top of its sweet, rich and addictive taste.

The tweet has since gathered over 9,200 retweets and 7,900 likes. We think it’s sweet – especially when we love both of them! All photo are credited to @hafyziskidnosys. We thank you for your creativity!

Feast your eyes on these!

Stylish Songbird

Yuna has always been a trendsetting fashion icon. From floral headscarves to flowing skirts and chic suits, her iconic fashion is an expression of her personality. 

She has inspired young girls around the world by bringing diversity and modest beauty into the music industry, through what some would call “Yuna style”.

Who knows – perhaps this thread might inspire a revival in kek lapis Sarawak. We’re starting to feel pretty hungry too.

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Photo : @lapisbyseri
Photo : @dapur_wawaqatar
Photo : @dapur_wawaqatar

The sweetest part of all this? Yuna herself has responded!

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Photo: Twitter


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