10 Locals to Say Hello to for Unique Adventures in Malaysia

The word “hello” is powerful enough to unlock new adventures and make new friends. And every new person you meet could open your eyes to new perspectives wherever you are.

As a social travel platform that connects travelers to locals, this is what LokaLocal hopes to do: to encourage people to take a step out of their comfort zone, meet people who are passionate about their culture, and simply say “hello”.

Here are 10 locals on LokaLocal that you can say “hello” to for unique adventures across Malaysia.

Say hello to locals when you experience Malaysia with LokaLocal. 

10 locals to say hello to for unique adventures in Malaysia

Experience a Nyonya Laksa Cooking Class in KL with Noor.


Experience a fabric printing workshop in Subang Jaya with Shia Lynn Toh.


Experience a ring making class in Selangor with Joan. 


Experience a trip to Bekok, Johor with Dino. 


Experience a healthy cooking class in KL with Ruth Isaac.


Experience a Bidayuh villagestay in Kuching with Saloma. 


Experience a Kelabit homestay in Sarawak with Sina Rang. 


Experience unique traditions in Kuala Sepetang, Perak with Tia. 


Experience a keris making workshop with Pak Mazin in Perak.


Experience authentic Kelantan with Nasri.  

Say hello to locals when you experience Malaysia with LokaLocal. 


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