4 reasons why LokaLocal chat makes life so much easier

LokaLocal has recently released its latest feature: the chat messaging system that allows travelers to contact local experts once you place a booking, and vice versa.

Of course, it is still possible to chat on Whatsapp once the two parties receive the respective phone numbers, but sometimes it is better to stick to one communication channel. Here’s why the chat messaging system makes communication much easier and convenient on LokaLocal.

1. Why stick to one inbox?

It may sound tempting to keep it all in one inbox. In this day and age though, when we rely heavily on digital modes of communication, having those messages all in one inbow can blow it up!

As you receive more messages, old ones are drowned in the sea of bytes and countless notifications. You probably already know how difficult it can be to search for that one email you sent ages ago.

Besides, there are plenty of different communication channels these days, so make full use of them! When you are a local expert running a business, it is best to keep messages separate and relevant to particular platforms.

2. There is an e-paper trail

Sometime hiccups or misunderstandings happen. That’s why it is always good to have a paper trail that you can easily keep track of. At least you have a reliable platform to go through past messages for future reference, or even as evidence to aid in legal matters.

Using LokaLocal’s chat messaging system, you can also check the status of the bookings, including the date and time it has been confirmed or declined.

3. Third-party transparency

Following from the previous point, it doesn’t just make it is easier to refer to past messages, so can the third party running the site.

In case of misunderstandings, it helps to have a third party that can review old messages and mediate any issues that arise.

4. Initiate a chat after the trip

Up till the day of the experience, LokaLocal shares the traveler’s phone number with the local expert, and likewise. However, after the experience, these contact details would be kept hidden once more for privacy.

What if you need to contact that person again? Unless you’ve saved the number, it might take a while to find it in your hurricane of an inbox.

Having the chat messaging system means you can always hop back into that particular thread and instantly ask any other questions you may have.

You can now use LokaLocal’s chat messaging system to contact your traveler or local expert. Try it out!


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