Being a travel intern is as cool as its sounds

Clara reflected on her experience being a travel intern at LokaLocal.

Confusion of internship-seeking

I remember when I was still in Seoul, South Korea last year for a study exchange programme and had problems deciding which company I would choose for my internship in the coming semester.

Browsing through Google, the only thing on my mind was to give a startup company a try. I wanted to learn how a company is built in detail but where and what kind of company? Boom! LokaLocal popped up to my search list. I was caught by the words “Travel Intern wanted”, because who doesn’t love to travel?

Presentation on LokaLocal after three months at LokaLocal

Few days after reaching back to Malaysia, I received an email from LokaLocal saying that I was invited for an interview in two days. I was quite shocked because the following day I was supposed to fly back to Sabah. I went for the interview and got accepted. It was truly amazing as everything seemed to fall into place!

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The journey begins!

What do I do in LokaLocal?

For me, LokaLocal is not a common travel company, or perhaps it was just what I had imagine previously. The first week of my internship, I was asked to attend Dyllon’s Sri Lankan Lebanese Fusion Dinner Party. My CEO was like, “Hey Clara, we have an extra seat for this tour. Why don’t you try it out?” Wow okay, I thought, why not? The dinner was perfect, Dyllon is really a good cook and I had fun listening to all his stories. That was my very first experience with LokaLocal which I would never forget.

A happy selfie for a happy tummy

Join a Sri Lankan Lebanese Fusion Dinner Party with Dyllon.

It was not only about joining the tours and meeting new people. Meanwhile in the office, I work with a small team which makes us closer. An advantage of working with LokaLocal is being able to explore different departments easily. It was funny how sales and operations sat on my right, while the team’s writer and videographer sat across from me.

Most of the time, I dealt with admin tools through various sites and help with customer services. It was just few tables away to learn the responsibilities of each department and understand what goes on in the organization as a whole. Oh, did I mention that the team has really good sense of humour too?

LokaLocal team-building programme at Lost World of Tambun – 6th Mile Tunnel

Unleashed my passion

I only knew that I could write and design when I came into LokaLocal. Rachael, my supervisor, guided me a lot including working with website.

At times, I read travel blogs and magazines which inspired me a lot. I am amazed how one gains experiences by travelling and share them to people. As Rachael is also a writer, she encouraged me to work on a few articles including the 18 Things You Should Not Miss in Tenom, Sabah. I was so happy to get to introduce my hometown and even more so when readers found it helpful.

Picture of me at Sri Mahamariamman Temple during videoshoot task at Kuala Lumpur city

I have discovered that Malaysia has much to offer from great traditional treasures to beautiful hidden gems. It was an eye-opening experience to realize travelling is not only about getting on a plane to see places. One hour drive to Kuala Kubu Bharu or to Kampung Baru, the only Malay settlement in the middle of KL, was enough to amaze me with new knowledge as well as take memorable pictures.

In a way, I could say something was planted inside of me since then, which is a deeper love towards my own country.

– Clara Joan Joachim

It was amazing to see places not only through photographs but actually going to the place itself where I can listen to real stories from local experts.

Picture of me with the background of both a historical Malay home and the iconic Kuala Lumpur Twin Tower

It has been an amazing journey with LokaLocal. I’m impressed by how passionate the team is working together. Considered as a fortunate intern, I was grateful to be there throughout the launch of LokaLocal’s new website in April 2019. There was a challenging phase where everyone needed to do extra work and sacrifice time for its success but I learnt to always look at the bright side despite everything. Moreover, our CEO always came up with new ideas and pushed moral support to everyone. He is really a good role model for me.

I was happy to accomplish my three months internship and venturing new things with LokaLocal. Having seen Malaysia in a more incredible perspective, I am looking forward to polish all the potential in me and tell people about my beautiful country!

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