LokaLocal’s First Exclusive Tour makes its debut on Taiwan’s Popular Variety Show!

We’re glad to introduce our first ever EXCLUSIVE LokaLocal tour, brought to you by our dedicated local expert.

The “Eat, Play, Chill with a Touch of KL Heritage” experience takes guests on a leisure tour around Kuala Lumpur, as seen on iWalker (愛玩客), Taiwan’s popular variety show.


From tasting authentic local food to discovering historical gems, indulging in relaxing Malaysian pastimes, and enjoying an unobstructed city skyline, this is a heritage tour which lets you enjoy the city at a relaxed and comfortable pace.

To get a sneak peek into what this tour has to offer, watch the first episode of the 4-part special on iWalker. Catch new episodes in Taiwan every Tuesday, or on Youtube every Wednesday to discover where our local expert brought iWalker in Malaysia’s capital city.

This tour is available on request. To book this, head to LokaLocal and leave us a personalised note.


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