What does Instant Booking on LokaLocal mean?

LokaLocal’s latest feature makes it more convenient for travelers to book their local experiences online.

What is Instant Booking?

Instant Booking is a new feature on LokaLocal whereby local experts can mark their availability for certain dates on the calendar. This means that they can immediately confirm the tour should any guest decide to book the particular date(s).

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What’s great about this feature?

Quicker – Book your local experience with the click of a button.
Less hassle – No need to wait for the booking request to be confirmed.
Manage better – Control your travel plans and timing.

How do I instantly book a tour?

Step 1: When browsing for an experience, click on ‘Instant Book’.instant_booking_2Step 2: Click ‘Booking Detail’ on the tour page and select your preferred date. If the date has been marked by the local expert, you will see a button called ‘Instant Book’.instant_booking_6
Step 3: Click ‘Instant Book’ to confirm your tour there and then.


Do all tours offer this feature?

Currently, this feature is only available for our Exclusive Tours, which will display the icon on the tour page.


What are you waiting for? Instantly book your experience now.


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