LokaLocal and MDEC to empower Malaysians through digital initiative

11 June 2018LokaLocal and MDEC is collaborating through a national digital initiative called the eRezeki Programme, which aims to empower skilled Malaysians with opportunities.

Under the Ministry of Communications and Multimedia Malaysia (KKMM), LokaLocal has been selected as a new partner to the eRezeki Programme.

The eRezeki Programme helps Malaysians, especially from lower income backgrounds, improve their livelihood and generate income through digital technologies and methods.
The initiative focuses on households earning less than RM4,000 a month. Relevant outreach, training and on-boarding programmes will be offered to these individuals.

Through this initiative, LokaLocal can work with small businesses, family-run trades, cottage industries, local entrepreneurs and individuals with a skill or story to share, who can benefit from having a digital platform to generate income.

These participants can leverage on LokaLocal’s digital opportunities to run travel activities and workshops, and be easily connected to people who would be interested in what they offer.

LokaLocal and MDEC to empower Malaysians through digital initiativeLokaLocal supports locals who offer experiences that have unique insights and community connection, while leaving a social, environmental, and economical impact.

Business owners, local entrepreneurs and individuals from rural areas will have the option to promote their services without having to move to the city and leave their family.

According to MDEC chief executive officer Datuk Yasmin Mahmood in an interview with New Straits Times, this gives them the option to promote their services without leaving their family for the city.

As digital technology has changed the way we work and live, individuals don’t have to go out and search for jobs in big cities anymore because the jobs follow them. It’s all about becoming a millionaire in your own kampung (village). – Yasmin

Find out how LokaLocal supports locals by giving them the opportunity to showcase their hobbies, skills and traditions.


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