Malaysian companies can now find unique team building activities via LokaLocal

NOTICE (02/12/2021): LokaLocal’s team building activities are currently not open for booking. You can check out our virtual tours of Malaysia on our website.

Those looking for unique and fresh team building ideas in Malaysia can now turn to homegrown online travel platform LokaLocal for activities that empower local artisans and creative entrepreneurs.

LokaLocal has been offering unique activities such as cooking classes, craft workshops, outdoor expeditions and rural getaways since 2016. These experiences are hosted by local experts with different passions and skills to share, from artists to home chefs, traditional tradesmen and adventure enthusiasts.

The team building experiences handpicked by LokaLocal are hosted by experienced guides and trainers with high reviews, each specially designed to showcase Malaysia’s diverse culture, deliver a social impact, and create bonds through memorable experiences.

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A new way to motivate teams

Experiences are catalysts for personal and professional development.
Out-of-the-box and engaging activities can make a difference in motivating employees and stimulating their creativity. When people join in on activities outside the office, they connect on a much deeper level. Companies with motivated team members tend to have higher staff retention levels.

LokaLocal aims to make a difference in the way people are motivated. What better way to spark their passion than by learning from a creative artist? How better to connect with one another than by finding synchronity in a choreography?

For international companies and schools, LokaLocal’s cultural workshops form an interactive, conducive environment to showcase Malaysia’s traditions and dying trades.

The team building activities focus on 5 categories such as art, culture, food, music, and wellness. Some of the activities available on LokaLocal include:

These LokaLocal group experiences are part of the Phase One initiative, and more team building experiences are in the pipeline.


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