3 Virtual Team Building to Discover Kuala Lumpur with Fun and Interactive Games

Whether you and your team are stuck at home, looking for a quick bonding activity, eager to learn more about a new city, or based around the world, virtual team-building sessions are perfect for you.

Virtually explore the historical old quarters of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, no matter where your team members are. Give them challenges to bond while enjoying untold stories of the city. Have fun with your family and get your children involved in the fun. It’s a great way to keep everyone engaged and connected to one another!

For schools, these programmes take your history lessons up a notch by giving students an all-new way of learning about early Kuala Lumpur, through interactive games and activities.

These 3 thematic guided team-building sessions take place entirely online, focusing on different topics that unlock different areas in KL. Your storytellers and facilitators will be there to guide the session and run virtual bonding games, so leave the planning and hassle to an experienced team.

Send an email to hello@lokalocal.com with your details to book your next team building virtual event in Kuala Lumpur, or for enquiries.

Team-Building Tour 1: Multicultural KL

Discover the city’s unique attractions that stems from Malaysia’s multicultural society where cultures and traditions can coexist in harmony.

You and your team can travel virtually in Kuala Lumpur, listen to stories and join in several fun and stimulating cultural activities. You will learn more about the colourful community and vibrant capital city of Malaysia!

Team-Building Tour 2: Historical KL

Take a blast to the past in a team building event that dives into Kuala Lumpur’s rich historical past.

Your team members can explore the significant landmarks that has witnessed the country’s colourful past, from how it was founded, to the Malay royalty, Chinese tin miners, British administration, Japanese occupation and the Declaration of Independence. There will be team games for some fun and friendly competition!

Send an email to hello@lokalocal.com with your details to book your next team building virtual event in Kuala Lumpur, or for enquiries.

Team Building Tour 3: The Legends of KL

Get to know the legendary figures that made Kuala Lumpur the cosmopolitan city it is today. Scattered across the city are clues on the interesting lives they led and their legacies.

Put your heads together to complete team games and quizzes – and discover the beautiful stories of people behind this city.

Price and Highlights

Rate: RM2,800 for a group of 15 to 30 participants
Programme Duration: 1.5 – 2.5 hours
Includes: Experienced tourist guides, Fun facilitators, Team games & activities
Great for: Multinational teams, Remote working teams, Students, Families

  • Enjoy a 360° virtual tour in Kuala Lumpur
  • Hear untold stories
  • See photos of bygone Kuala Lumpur
  • Create fun and memorable team building
  • Exciting team games during the tour
  • Use creativity & collaboration to win as a team!

How to Book

  1. Send an email to hello@lokalocal.com to book or for enquiries. Let us know the number of attendees, date, time, as well as other details on what your event is for.
  2. Let us get back to you with the virtual event details.
  3. Once you have finalised the arrangement, just wait for it to happen!


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