An Intern Shares What to Expect in LokaLocal

Christie Cheah shares her experience being an intern at LokaLocal earlier this year.

One fine night, while doing assignments with my friends, I suddenly had the urge to check my email. Although I’ve applied for a few internship jobs, I did not expect to get a reply in that short period of time. I was particularly excited for an opportunity at LokaLocal, because it sounded way more fun that the other internships on the market. Few weeks later, I GOT IT! On the same day, I cancelled all my other interviews and pending job offers.

My first day was on the 1st of January. I was really anxious, and did not know what to expect. But everyone was really nice to me.

Orang Asli Experience in Gombak

Our first assignment was in Gombak, where I discovered my fear of leaches! Unfortunately, I was the only one being attacked by these blood suckers. On the bright side, I managed to expose myself to survival skills such as how to start a fire in the jungle, how to make a roof, how to get clean water from the mountains, and how to cook chicken.

A Trip to Bagan Datuk

On our second assignment, we went to Bagan Datuk, a place where my love for Malaysia grew stronger, a place where I realised that some seafood do not require seasoning and yet still taste so sweet and heavenly.

I watched how they prepared the clams, with no marination and no seasoning, just freshly caught and put onto the grill. It tasted better than anything I’d ever eaten.

I also had the opportunity to witness what I thought was the most mesmerizing view in Malaysia, as we went eagle feeding while the sun was setting. At that moment, I felt grateful to be alive.

As day turned into night, we got to see Blue Tears, the stars of the ocean and a natural phenomenon. I fell head over heels for this place. Just when I thought things couldn’t get better, we went to see the fireflies sparkle under the moonlight. Just like Christmas lights on the Christmas tree!

The next day, we went to visit the Sky Mirror, and caught clams with our bare hands! It was an amazing adventure and I even got to be on the MY 360 Playbook’s cover photo!

It may seem like I am just promoting this trip, but I just had to because this was one of the best experiences I enjoyed during my three months at LokaLocal.

But that’s the thing – we don’t expect to only stay in the office. As an intern, I helped create listings on the websites, featured tours and events. Interning at a start up allowed me to try many things, at the same time learn how start ups work.

Food and Adventure All The Way

During the three months, we’ve also had assignments for other trips like abseiling, kayaking, water tubing, and white water rafting. In fact, this was my second favorite assignment at LokaLocal.

Tell me, how many of you get a picture like this with your supervisor?

As days went by, we had assignments that required us to go on food trips where we literally ate at 10 restaurants or more in one day. I was assigned to find the best food in Klang, Puchong, Brickfields, Jenjarom, Sungai Buloh, Port Dickson and Gopeng. LokaLocal made sure I went home with a full stomach. Some of the interesting food I got to try was a type of freshwater turtle in Kuala Pilah, and local snails in Kajang.

Every week there was a new assignment, where I got to visit different places and different people. It was always an adventure.

In the office, I was assigned tasks like writing captions, social media postings, and other tasks that requires writing and a wide range of vocabulary. I think my English has gotten better, and even my parents have noticed. Although we would end the day feeling exhausted, I was glad that I made it to the end of the internship.

Nonetheless, thank you LokaLocal for all the opportunities given to me in those 3 months!

Christine was an intern with us from January to March 2020, just before the MCO took place in Malaysia.


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