Langkawi: 15 Things to Do on the Tropical Islands

Langkawi – a collection of tropical islands that conjures paradise for both globetrotters and local vacationing patrons. Known as the Jewel of Kedah, this ancient archipelago lies in the Andaman Sea, northwest off the coast of Kedah.

An air of mystery surrounds Langkawi, permeated by the salty tang of the sea. From the rice paddies where a mythical beauty is said to be born, to a well believed to bless people with beauty, legends meet landscapes across this beautiful cluster of 104 islands.

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Those who have chosen Langkawi for their next holiday destination would not be disappointed. It is more than just its islands and beaches. The whole archipelago, surrounding waters and ecosystems make up the UNESCO recognized geopark, and it is not short of outdoor attractions and duty-free shopping spots.

Not sure what to do? Here are 15 activities you can enjoy at Langkawi.

1. Ride a cable car

Photo: Andy Lawson

Before you head up to Mount Matchinchang, take a 15 minute ride via Langkawi SkyCab. Starting from the Oriental Village, you will soar over the lush rainforests and waterfalls of Langkawi on world’s steepest cable car ride.

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2. Walk on the Sky Bridge at Mount Machinchang

Photo: innlai

If the cable car ride isn’t exciting enough, stroll along the Langkawi Sky Bridge. The 125m suspension bridge curves across Mount Matchinchang, the second tallest peak in the archipelago, and offers spectacular views of the island.

3. Conquer Mount Raya

Photo: metku

Next to Mount Matchinchang is Mount Raya, the highest peak in Langkawi. Legend has it that these mountains were once giants that got into a fight, which formed various famous spots like Kuah and Belanga Pecah. To repent their mistake, they hardened to stone and now watch over the archipelago. Today, you can challenge yourself by hiking up the mountain.

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4. Visit the coastal mangroves of Kilim by kayak

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A rich network of mangrove forests, 480-million-year-old limestone caves and lagoons form the beautifully conserved Kilim Nature Park. Paddling around on a kayak is a thrilling way to discover the flora and fauna there, such as sea eagles and bats. While you are there, you can have lunch at ‘Hole in the Wall’, a floating fish farm and restaurant!

5. Cycle in the countryside

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Cycling might not be the first thing that comes to mind when we say “Langkawi”, but the home to the annual “Tour de Langkawi” is certainly worth exploring by bike!

Down the country roads, there are scenic paddy fields, traditional Malay houses, fishing villages and wildlife like hornbills, kingfishers and monitor lizards.

6. Visit Makam Mahsuri

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There once lived a beautiful maiden by the name of Mahsuri, mysteriously born in the middle of Langkawi’s paddy fields in the 18th century. After her husband left for war, she was wrongfully accused of adultery and sentenced to death. The island is said to have been cursed for seven generations of bad luck, which even led to the Siamese invasion.

Makam Mahsuri is the site of her death and where her tomb stands today. Close by, the water in Mahsuri Well is said to enhance beauty.

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7. Take a snapshot at Eagle Square

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Eagle Square, or Dataran Lang, is Langkawi’s most recognizable attraction – so definitely snap your holiday wefie here! The iconic statue of an eagle looms over the waterfront plaza, framed by fountains and mini landscapes.

8. Watch batik masters at Atma Alam Art Village

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For souvenirs that are uniquely local (and not keychains), Atma Alam Batik Art Village is where you can buy batik paintings, clothes and a variety of other handicrafts. In some cases, you can also watch how batik is made.

9. Dive in Pulau Payar Marine Park

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The underwater world of Langkawi entices diving and snorkelling enthusiasts with abundant marine life – and Pulau Payar Marine Park is the best place to experience this! It is about an hour away from the Kuah jetty by speedboat.

10. Enjoy the beach

Famed for her tropical beaches, it would be a shame to not visit some of Langkawi’s pristine, sandy white beauties. The popular beaches are Pantai Cenang, Pantai Tengah, Tanjung Rhu, Pantai Kok and Datai Bay. Several beachside resorts would have their own private beaches too.

11. Fish at the Andaman Sea

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Deep sea fishing can be quite an adventure in Langkawi as the voyage takes you out to the picturesque Andaman Sea. The waters here are full with marine life like snappers, groupers and stingrays. Whether you are a pro or amateur, you are still welcome to fish in the Andaman Sea with local seafish anglers – bait and rod provided!

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12. Jungle trek to the Book Village

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Within the rainforests at the foot of Mount Raya is an astonishing village known as Kampung Buku, or Book Village. It is quite literally a space where you can grab a book and read under a gazebo, in the tranquil embrace of Nature.

To get here, you’d have to do a short trek in a jungle filled with wildlife and diverse plant species. It is also close to the Semilang Recreational Park and a meandering stream you can swim in.

13. Go birdwatching

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Owing to its flourishing natural habitat, Langkawi has over 230 species of birds, across its rainforest, mangroves and wetlands. Some interesting birds here include 3 species of hornbills, 20 types of birds of prey, 8 species of kingfishers and rare ones like the Mountain Hawk Eagles from Thailand, Brown Winged Kingfishers and Plain Backed Sparrow. Keen birdwatchers and photographers have something to look forward to!

14. Chase waterfalls

Photo: zleng

The inviting waterfalls of Langkawi are gorgeous picnic or leisure spots. Telaga Tujuh Waterfalls is a collection of seven separate waterfalls in Mount Matchinchang, said to be flocked with fairies, according to locals. Another waterfall of note here is Temurun Waterfalls, featuring a 30m cascade. Along Mount Raya, there is also the 14-tier Durian Perangin Falls.

15. Go on a cruise amidst beautiful islands

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Photo: Flickr/ Dave_B_

Cruising along the coast is another brilliant way to admire Langkawi’s breathtaking backdrop as the skies and the Andaman Sea blend into an artistic spectrum of colors. This is a good time to sip on your drink, listen to the waves, feel the sea breeze, and see the islands of Langkawi in all its majesty. You can also find cruises in the Geopark and mangroves.

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