Mengkabong River Bridge: Stunning Sunrise Spot in Tuaran, Sabah

Mengkabong River Bridge gives you one of the most breathtaking views of Mount Kinabalu, near Tuaran and Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.

Mengkabong River Bridge at sunrise

Around 35 minutes away from Kota Kinabalu, there is an unassuming bridge that connects the the capital city and Tuaran town.

This 300m structure which stretches across the serene river is known as Mengkabong River Bridge, or what some locals call Jambatan Gayang after the nearby village.

Postcard Perfect View

It is easy to see why photography buffs love coming here to capture the rising sun behind Mount Kinabalu. The sunrise at Mengkabong River Bridge is one of the most beautiful in Sabah. On a clear day, you can see the highest peak in Malaysia framed by the river and lush mangrove forests.

Along the river, you can see Bajau fishermen at work, as the estuary is filled with freshwater and saltwater fishes.

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Activities Along the River

For all its beauty and grace, Mengkabong River Bridge is more than a pretty face. Some of the activities you can do here include boat rides, mangrove kayaking, birdwatching and fireflies watching. Some even go as far as to see Menkabong Vllage, a traditional fishing village by the riverbank.

The river also attracts many fishing hobbyists, with one of the most common catches here being the barramundi fish. Standing at the pier, we could already see schools of fishes swimming close to the surface!

Chilling by the pier

Mengkabong River Bridge is one of the attractions you’ll want to check out on your trip to Sabah especially if you are eager to capture that gorgeous scene in the morning. Sure, you can already see it on postcards of Mount Kinabalu. But at LokaLocal we are all about experiencing the destination yourself, with your own two eyes. So wanderlust warriors, don’t forget to add this to the list!

Tips to Visit

  • Sunrise is around 5.45 AM, so we suggest that you depart from Kota Kinabalu as early as 5:00 AM
  • Park your car further down at the road side or by the pier just before the bridge
  • Be careful of incoming traffic – it is a highway after all!

Mengkabong River Bridge
Jalan Sulaman, 89200 Tuaran, Sabah
Coordinate: 6.1411543868, 116.154703239
Opening Times: 24 Hours Daily

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