Mossy Forest, Cameron Highlands: Know Before You Go

The most enchanting and popular attraction in Cameron Highlands is not the tea plantation or strawberry farm, but a mythical forest tucked in the highlands of Mount Brinchang – Mossy Forest.

Mossy Forest is the not-so-secret hidden gem of Cameron Highlands

What is the Mossy Forest?

As the name suggests, Mossy Forest is a lush area in the highland forest where moss has encapsulated the landscape. Given its elevated position at 2032 metres above sea level in Mount Brinchang, the chilly and moist atmosphere makes it a perfect environment for exotic plants such as moss, ferns, spices, and orchids. These unique flora will be pointed out to you by the guides.

Mossy Forest is also called a Cloud Rainforest as the mist settles here, giving it a mysterious, surreal ambiance. People like to say that it feels like a scene straight out of Lord of the Rings!

What We Thought about It

It didn’t occur to us before that Cameron Highlands hid a place as beautiful as the Mossy Forest, so we were amazed by the biodiversity here! It is something you don’t get to see often in Malaysia, and you’ll be able to take some gorgeous photographs here.

How to Visit

  • Option 1: Join the trip a local tour operator. They can pick you up from the hotel and bring you to Mossy Forest on a 4WD.
  • Option 2: Drive on your own. Bear in mind that road conditions are rough and most people use 4WDs.

#LokaLocal Tips

  • To preserve the Mossy Forest, now you can only explore the forest on the Boardwalk.
  • Best visited in the morning when the mist shrouds the forest.
  • Bring proper walking shoes and jacket, as the weather can get chilly.
  • Recommended to have an experienced local guide who can share more stories about the forest and point out the best things to see.

Entrance Fee

Entrance fee only been charged to visitors entering up to the end of the boardwalk only,

Adult RM10.00 RM30.00
Child (4 – 12 year old) RM5.00 RM15.00
Senior Citizen RM5.00 RM30.00
Disabled (OKU)FreeFree

How to Get an Experience Local Guide for the Mossy Forest

If you’re looking for a convenient way to see the Mossy Forest and other attractions in Cameron Highlands, you can get an experienced local guide on the Mossy Forest Adventure. It costs RM68 (about USD16.50) per pax for joint tour, which includes transportation and trip to the Mossy Forest, Tea Plantation & Factory Visit, and Butterfly Farm. Entrance fee not included. See above!

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