Fun Way for Families to Explore Putrajaya: Segway Tour

The thing about family get-together times is that everyone has their own tastes and needs. Younger members may go for wild and active, older members may prefer something that doesn’t tire them too much, and everyone wants to have fun. So given it is an outdoor activity, this Segway Tour in Putrajaya is surprisingly versatile for the family.

Basically the Segway is a transporter that you can stand on and power just by leaning forward, and it sure beats walking in Putrajaya. The route is roughly 10km and takes you to the major landmarks in the city. Here’s a few things the #fambam would like about it.

Safe and Fun for All Ages in the Family

It’s easy for anyone to ride, so long as you trust in the machine and don’t give in to your fear! The machines are safe to use for kids as young as 5, and even elder family members can be part of the fun. The guides are very familiar with the route, making sure to control the traffic when crossing the roads. It’s also generally convenient to get around Putrajaya on wheels.

No Sweat, Adventurous Way to See Putrajaya

If you have ever been to (or read up on) Putrajaya, you would know that the district is huge! You’d have to drive or walk a fair bit just to get from one landmark to the other. Zipping through Putrajaya on a Segway saves you time as it only takes you 2.5 hours to see all the best landmarks, and you get to enjoy the breeze along the way.

Putrajaya has many gorgeous landscapes you’d rather see on a transporter

Putrajaya, with all its futuristic buildings, green spaces and gardens, is best explored on ground, rather than by bus or car. Walking is still an option, but it takes lots of time and energy. The Segway Tour lets you cover most of the highlights, including:

  • Prime Minister’s Office
  • Pink Mosque
  • Putra Square
  • Lakeside
  • Seri Wawasan Bridge
  • The Millennium Monument
  • Iron Mosque
  • Kiblat Walk
  • Palace of Justice
  • China-Malaysia Friendship Pavilion…and more!

It’s an outdoor adventure that the whole family could get into!

How to Join

The Segway Tour: Putrajaya Eco Ride is RM227 (about USD54.50) per pax inclusive of Inmotion transporter and guide. Tour starts at either 0930 hours or 1530 hours.

  1. Book the Segway Tour: Putrajaya Eco Ride on LokaLocal.
  2. Wait for your local expert’s confirmation
  3. Once confirmed, time for an adventure of a lifetime!


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