Spectacular Secrets of Selangor

Beyond its reputation as the most developed state of Malaysia, Selangor has its share of beautiful destinations, marked by its tin-mining roots, existing natural attractions and over 100 years of history. Here are some spots in Selangor which are worth exploring.

Island Villages of Port Klang

Pulau Ketam remains a popular weekend getaway thanks to its picturesque house on stilts, fish farm, fresh seafood and eagle feeding activities. For a glimpse of an authentic fishing village, hop on the next boat to Kampung Sungai Lima and be guided by the village head instead.

Royal Town, Sleepy Towns

Spectacular Secrets of SelangorKlang is one of Malaysia’s oldest towns, dating back to the 15th century. To discover fascinating stories of the Royal Town, join a free walking tour that runs daily. For somewhere relaxing, why not visit some lesser known towns? There is Batang Kali, famous for hot springs, orchids, guava, and loh mee. About 20 minutes away lies the mysterious Kuala Kubu Bharu, where its temples are cradled by folklore. It is also close to the refreshing Sungai Chiling.

Natural Beauty at Kuala Selangor

Spectacular Secrets of SelangorWithin Kuala Selangor, there is Melawati Hill, a historical landmark and home to silvered leaf monkeys. From here, head to Sasaran Beach, where the seasonal sky mirror phenomenon occurs. Likewise, witness the paddy fields of Sekinchan in all its glory or hang out by the vibrant Redang Beach. Later at night, watch fireflies light up at Kampung Kuantan.

Adventures in Selangor

If you have already gone up the 272 steps to the cave temple of Batu Caves, try something different like rock climbing along the limestone walls, or spelunking in the caves. Adventurous souls may prefer paragliding over Bukit Jugra, or rafting with friends along Selangor River. Avid cyclists can even join a cycling tour to the mangrove swamps and quiet villages of Kampung Sungai Janggut.

Hidden Communities

Spectacular Secrets of SelangorThe Mah Meri is an ancient aboriginal tribe with their own beliefs and traditions. You can take part in interactive workshops at their Cultural Village on Pulau Carey, or their secret ancestral village at Pantai Jengkok. In Sungai Buloh, there is also the Valley of Hope, an almost-forgotten leper community where few residents and unspoken stories remain.

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