10 Online Classes and Tours To Support Locals and Explore Malaysia

Perhaps visiting Malaysia has always been at the back of your mind, but you haven’t had the chance to do so. Perhaps your travel plans were disrupted, or you may not be quite sure what there is to do in this little country. Perhaps your travel bug is pulling at your heartstrings again, but none of us can go out at this time.

It’s not easy, we know. Ever since Covid-19 came into our lives, holidays seem like a distant dream. However, that doesn’t mean that the wandering spirit in you has to shrink away. You can still join online classes and tours that let you explore Malaysia virtually, while connecting you to locals through a different lens, quite literally. If you haven’t had a chance to visit Malaysia just yet, this is a fantastic opportunity to experience it before you go.

Here are several online activities you can join from the comfort of your home. Not only would you be able to meet passionate locals, you will also be introduced to the different cultures and perspectives of Malaysia.

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Cooking Class

1. Cook Traditional Family Indian Food Recipes

Indian food is one of the most popular cuisines in the world. We can’t help but love those decadent curries, flavourful gravies, crispy poppadoms, and flaky flatbreads. The spices alone are enough to wake our senses.

This online class with Ruth on LokaLocal lets you in on her family secret recipes. Her hometown is in Mangalore, a port city west of Bangalore, India.

You can choose one of 12 different dishes to cook in one hour, such as Mangalorean Chicken Coconut Stew, Chicken Green Curry, Mangalorean Chicken Curry and Pepper Chicken. For vegetarians, there is Chickpeas Green Masala, Brinjal in Yogurt or Coconut Sauce, Mixed Vegetable Kurma and more. Kesari Bath is also on the menu if you prefer dessert!

What makes her class interesting is that she puts a healthy twist to her recipes, the way her ancestors have done. So the Indian food will satisfy those cravings of yours, taste great, and leave you feeling awesome. You’ll get a video link and the recipes before the experience starts.

Cook Traditional Family Indian Food Recipes
Price: RM 144 ( US$ 34) for up to 4 pax, followed by additional RM 36 ( US$ 8) per pax
Includes: Cooking class with recipe
Duration: 1 hour
Book Here: https://loka.fun/online-indian-cooking

2. Immersive Arabic Cooking Class

Malaysia is a nation of diversity, and this shows in our food. Beyond the usual Malay, Chinese and Indian fanfare, Middle Eastern cuisine plays a role in this culinary heritage. Thanks to its colourful textures and burst of aroma, it is more common than you think to find these dishes in Middle Eastern Restaurants or hipster brunch hangouts. I mean, you’ve gotta love hummus, kebabs and shaksukas, right?

This Immersive Arabic Cooking Class on LokaLocal gets you working on 3 classic Arabic dishes. The main dish is Shawarma Wrap, a pita bread base with spiced meat and sauces. The sides include Hummus (creamy, dreamy chickpeas dip) and Falafel (golden brown, crispy chickpea balls).

But this class is more than just a palate pleaser. Joining it contributes towards the welfare of marginalised refugee families in Malaysia. You’ll be pretty much changing lives just by eating, and we can’t think why this isn’t a good idea.

Immersive Arabic Cooking Class
Price: RM180 ( US$ 42) for up to 3 pax, followed by additional RM60 ( US$ 14) per pax
Includes: Cooking Class (Delivery of ingredients available as add-on for those living within Klang Valley for RM48)
Duration: 1 hour
Book Here: https://loka.fun/online-arabic-cooking

3. Learn to Cook Nasi Lemak and Chicken Rendang

Nothing screams Malaysian quite like Nasi Lemak, our national dish and the local’s favourite meal for any time of the day. The fragrant rice is infused with coconut milk, paired with boiled eggs, cucumbers and sambal. Seemingly simple ingredients, but the secret is in the sambal sauce, which needs to hit that right balance of spiciness and sweetness.

Nasi Lemak is often accompanied with Chicken Rendang, a dry and creamy curry with tender (and most definitely NOT crispy) meat.

Noor is the assistant of Malaysia’s celebrity chef, Chef Wan, and she has been teaching guests to cook Malaysian food from scratch. Before the online class, you will need to have the ingredients ready. Be prepared to have a proper plate of authentic Nasi Lemak and Chicken Rendang for a taste of Malaysia!

Learn to Cook Nasi Lemak and Chicken Rendang
Price: RM216 per pax ( US$ 50)
Includes: Cooking Class
Duration: 1 hour
Book Here: https://loka.fun/online-nasi-lemak-class

4. Cook Vietnamese Spring Rolls & Chicken Wings

Vietnamese cuisine is considered one of the healthiest in the world, greatly appreciated for its use of fresh ingredients. It emphasises on vegetables and herbs, along with a harmonious combination of textures. Don’t know about you, but a bowl of pho and spring rolls never fails to hit the right spot with us!

Good news – it doesn’t take a flight to Vietnam for you to enjoy the country’s culinary tradition. Mai is a local expert and home chef from Hanoi, who moved to Malaysia and now teaches her guests to make authentic Vietnamese food using halal ingredients.

Her online class on LokaLocal puts the spotlight on two traditional dishes. Vietnamese Spring Rolls, or Gỏi Cuốn, consists of fresh vegetables and meat rolled in a rice paper (we’ve tried it – must say, it tastes better when you make it yourself!). Mai also teaches guests how they can make the special marinade that goes into Vietnamese-style Chicken Wings.

Cook Vietnamese Spring Rolls & Chicken Wings
Price: RM 120 per pax ( US$ 28)
Includes: Cooking Class
Duration: 1 hour
Book Here: https://loka.fun/online-vietnamese

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5. Melaka Nyonya Kuih Onde-Onde Cooking Class

Malaysian kuih comes in a variety of colours, shapes, textures and tastes, made from recipes that have been passed down by generations of Malay and Nyonya womenfolk. Bite-sized and dangerously addictive, we can’t help but sink our teeth into these sweet treats. There are hundreds of different kuihs, it’s hard to name them all!

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The Onde-Onde Cooking Class on LokaLocal is an online version of their regular Melaka Kuih Making Class. While the offline class focuses on three kuihs (Ang Ku Kuih, Onde-Onde and Pineapple Tarts), the online class highlights the Onde-Onde.

Onde-Onde are essentially glutinous rice balls with melted palm sugar within the pandan-flavoured skin, and coated with grated coconut. For some, the best part is having it burst upon their first bite. In the class, guests get to learn how to make this melt-in-the-mouth (and heart) iconic Nyonya kuih.

Melaka Nyonya Kuih Onde-Onde Cooking Class
Price: RM 30 per pax ( US$ 7)
Includes: Cooking Class
Duration: 1 hour
Book Here: https://loka.fun/online-melaka-nyonya-kuih

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Health & Wellbeing

6. Ayurveda Session with Shameny

Ayurveda is an ancient healthcare tradition which has been practised for centuries. It is believed to boost immunity, increase energy, promote weight loss and overcome insomnia.

If you’re wondering how you can adjust your lifestyle and routine for health, Shameny is your go-to girl. The Ayurveda Diet and Lifestyle Coach has been consulting guests for years, guiding them on how they can identify their dosha and pick up best practises.

Before the session, guests will be asked to complete a Dosha quiz. During the 2 hour session, Shameny will reveal your dosha, as well as the dietary, spice and herbal recommendations to adopt. The great part is that you can arrange a session with her no matter where you are in the world!

Ayurveda Session with Shameny
Price: RM 100 per pax ( US$ 24)
Includes: Ayurveda Session
Duration: 2 hour
Book Here: https://loka.fun/online-ayurveda


7. Learn how to Play the Kalimba

The musical-box quality of the Kalimba easily tinkles its way into your heart. The traditional instrument originates from Africa but it has since become popular due to their portability, and the fact that you only need two thumbs to play it!

In this online class, you can learn all the basics you need to know about the kalimba. From tuning the instrument, to reading the notes, understanding the tabs and techniques, and finally playing 4 songs on your own. Your very own Kalimba can also be delivered to you before class.

It’s okay if you haven’t ever played music before, as it covers all the key elements and you can easily use the knowledge to continue on your journey.

Learn how to play the Kalimba
Price: RM 216 ( US$ 49.70) without Kalimba, RM 240 ( US$ 55.20) with Kalimba delivery
Includes: Teaching materials, Kalimba delivery (if needed)
Duration: 2 hour
Book Here: https://loka.fun/online-kalimba-class

8. Personal Ukelele Lesson for Beginners

Doesn’t the mere mention of the ukelele make you think of Somewhere Over the Rainbow/ What a Wonderful World by Israel Kamakawiwo’ole?

Ukeleles are considered a home essential in some cultures. Imagine whipping one out and belting out a tune anytime you want!

In this one-on-one class, you will learn about the history of the Ukelele. The instructor is a music teacher who lives in Perak, Malaysia.

Then comes the fun part of getting to know the basics of holding and strumming the instrument. After learning 4 – 8 simple chords that would allow you to ‘plug’ and play many songs, you’ll be able to strum out the tune to 4 songs, such as “Your Raise Me Up” and “I’m Yours”.

Personal Ukelele Lesson for Beginners
Price: RM 55 per pax ( US$ 13)
Includes: Lesson (Ukelele available with delivery if add on selected)
Duration: 2 hour
Book Here: https://loka.fun/online-ukelele-class


9. Learn to Make 3 Elegant Pieces of Jewellery

Jewellery making is one of those skills that is practical as it is creative. With all kinds of designs to explore, it is great to pick up as a hobby, side business, or if you just want a personal gift for yourself or friends.

If this seems like the right online class for you, you’ll be glad to know that it comes with delivery of the tools and materials, including the beading board. The instructor will guide you over video so you can make 3 different pieces of jewellery – a necklace, a bracelet and a pair of earrings. The class is ideal for beginners, so it won’t be too complicated and you get a wonderful set at the end of it.

Joining the class during MCO also entitles you to a free offline class after the movement order is lifted, and it takes place in Kuala Lumpur. The biggest issue you might have to face is deciding whether to turn it into a gift for loved ones, or keep them for yourself!

Learn to Make 3 Elegant Pieces of Jewellery
Price: RM 300 per pax ( US$ 69)
Includes: 1 set of DIY materials, 1 set of tools, 1 beading board, DIY materials
Duration: 3 hour
Book Here: https://loka.fun/online-jewellery-class

Virtual Travel

10. Virtual Visit to Kampung Baru

You may not be able to venture far from home, but that doesn’t mean you can’t keep the wanderlust in you going!

Kampung Baru is the last traditional village in Kuala Lumpur. It is a contrast of the old and new world, a pocket of tradition tucked in the city.

Before you come here for a visit, you might want a glimpse of Kampung Baru, which is where this virtual visit comes in. To begin, guests will get an introduction to the little known architecture and landmarks in Kampung Baru, such as the school and the mosque. You will also get to know the culture, beliefs and food in this Malay enclave right smack in the middle of the city.

Virtual Visit to Kampung Baru
Price: RM 60 per pax ( US$ 14)
Includes: Virtual Visit
Duration: 1 hour
Book Here: https://loka.fun/online-kampung-baru

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