10 Tips for Travelling in Malaysia

10 tips for travelling in Malaysia

So, you’re planning a backpacking trip around Southeast Asia and you have your eyes set towards our peninsular tucked in this little corner of the world. Why wouldn’t you? With 3 main ethnicities, a multitude of languages to speak, and a frighteningly intense pride for our food, well…let’s just say that we’re an intriguing bunch indeed.

For travellers new to this side of the world, especially those flying from the West, the entire experience may come as a total culture shock. And we thoroughly understand that. But you don’t have to worry! We assure you that your adventures in Malaysia will sure to be an enjoyable and unforgettable experience. To aid you in your travels around our colourful country, here are 10 tips for travelling in Malaysia which you can use to get the most out of your time with us!

1. Wear loose pants!

wear loose pants!

Test the limits of your tummy with a Local Night Market & Mamak tour!

2. Eat like a local

eat like a local

Want a local food experience? The Taste of Traditional Malay Street Food tour may just be the one for you!

3. Learn Manglish lah

learn Manglish lah

Get to know our Amazing Malaysia in a Jiff

4. Take a hike!

take a hike

See spectacular views on our Adventure Hike to the Hills of Penang

5. Look to the East

look to the east

6. Go for a dive!

go for a dive

Need more info? Here’s a Guide to Malaysian Islands!

7. Strike a pose

strike a pose

If you’re new to Malaysia, here is The Dummies Guide to Travelling like a Local Malaysian

8. Buzz in nightlife

buzz in nightlife

Curious about our nightlife? Find more about our Paint & Sip and Social Painting events!

9. Back in history

bask in history

Check out our Historical and Heritage tours and book your slots now on Lokalocal!

10. Get artistic

get artistic

Living Heritage: 10 Traditional Artisans in Penang

travel like a local with lokalocal.com

Local experiences are what we specialize in, so if you’re on the lookout for authentic Malaysian adventures with real local experts, then check us out on Lokalocal. With us, you’ll see, eat, and play the local way!


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