Fonebud W: 7 features digital nomads, travelers and business owners would love

It’s both a WiFi roaming device AND a powerbank.

Whether you are jetting off for a holiday, living the digital nomad life, or on another work trip, we can all agree that connectivity and battery life are major concerns. Sure, there are other options such as hanging around free WiFi hotspots, or buying local SIM cards, but sometimes these are reliable.

Then there is the worry that your phone might run out of power when you need it the most. Imagine needing to contact someone, search for a location, or use an app urgently, and having it shut down on you!

Fonebud W is a portable WiFi hotspot and charger that allows 4G/3G LTE data roaming in 90 different countries. Their Indiegogo campaign is aiming to reach their $300,000 target – now you can get one for $109 (normal price is $159).

We decided to take a look at what the fuss about Fonebud W is all about. Here are some of the key features that we think digital nomads, travelers and business owners would appreciate in this device.

1. Get WiFi in over 90 countries…even China

The idea of Fonebud is that you can get data from the moment you step off the plane. It works with multiple telecom networks including China Mobile, Vodafone, TIM, Movistar, Etisalat, SmarTone and SoftBank, covering over 90 countries.

One of its notable features is that you can even have unrestricted internet access in China. You won’t need to worry about using VPN in China to access your Google apps, watch Youtube videos, update your status on Facebook and send Whatsapp messages. It is way less hassle and your loved ones would not worry about your whereabouts.

2. No SIM Card needed

Since it leverages on e-SIM technology, you can switch to different operators through the app. No more having to remove the one in your phone and risk losing it. This is convenient when you are constantly on the go, and need data for work or looking up information.

You can easily reload your data through the Fonebud W app, or keep track of how much you have used.

Back their Indiegogo campaign and get a Fonebud W from $109.

3. Share your WiFi with 8 people

Fonebud W: 7 Features for International Roaming and ChargingSharing is caring, especially when it comes to that precious hotspot. Fonebud W can connect up to 8 devices at a time, which is great when you are traveling with family, friends or colleague.

If you are worried that sharing data would drain your battery, then the next point would ease your mind.

4. Stay powered up all day

Fonebud W also functions as a powerbank, so there is no need lug another electronic device around with you. With its 10,000 mAH battery life and wireless charging feature, Fonebud W promises up to 35 hours of unlimited data roaming abroad. On standby, it can last up to 72 hours. Charge it before heading out, and you can spend the whole day exploring or getting some work done in a cafe, and you’d probably have enough power to last till the end of the day.

For digital nomads or travelers who rely on the internet, having a reliable powerbank is a lifesaver. No more struggling to send that one important email, or rushing to the hotel before that dreaded phone battery goes flat.

5. Wireless charging. Enough said.

All you have to do is place your phone on top of the device, and it’ll juice the device up in no time. No need to worry if you forget to bring your cable with you. Of course, you can still charge by USB cord if you want.

Back their Indiegogo campaign and get a Fonebud W from $109.

6. Small and lightweight

Easy to carry anywhere you go

Anything small, light and two-in-one is definitely a plus point for anyone who travels a lot. Fonebud W weighs about 280g and conveniently fits in your bag, so you can leave some of your unneeded electronic devices behind.

7. Flexible plans and long validity

There is no monthly plan, so you can use it as and when you need it. The plans can be either 90 days or 365 days, and the leftover data can be saved for another trip. As you travel to different regions, you can go for the plan that suits your needs.

Upon purchase, it also comes with 2GB of free international data, and lasts for 365 days after activation.

Back their campaign and get a Fonebud W from $109.

Here is a summary of the Fonebud W features:

Fonebud W: 7 features digital nomads, travelers and business owners loveDimension: 156 x 75 x 20mm
Weight: 280g including battery
Capacity: 10,000mAH
Working Hours: Up to 35 hours approx.
Standby Time: Up to 72 hours approx.

Display: 1.44 inch LCD with 128 x 128 resolution
WiFi Transfer Rate: Up to 150Mbps
Antenna (built in): 2.4G single antenna, 4G/3G main antenna, 4GMIMO/3G Rx Diversity antenna
CPU: Quad Core 1GHz
Network Solution: eSIM Technology
Memory: 4GB EMMC + 512MB DDR2
WiFi Chipset: MT6625
Micro USB: Micro USB 1.5A Charge IN
Wireless Charging: Supported with 5V, 1.5A output (5W)


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