How to Make These 4 Common New Year’s Resolutions Even More Fun!

It’s that time of the year again when people start making New Year’s resolutions. Many of these goals are somewhat similar, but they are usually easily broken.

For those who have trouble sticking to their New Year’s resolution, here are a couple of tips to motivate yourself without relying solely on self-discipline:

i) Break them down into smaller, realistic goals
ii) Make them enjoyable

The first method is fairly straightforward, but the second may need more elaboration. Here are several common New Year’s resolutions and how you can fulfil them with a dose of fun!

1. Exercise More

Good health is a gift many people take for granted. If you’ve already realized the importance of staying fit and healthy, kudos to you! While hitting the gym or park does get you moving, how about joining outdoor escapades that would keep your heart racing all the same?

Plan a hiking or cycling adventure over the weekend to jazz up your exercise routine. You can find inspiration with our list of 50 Hiking Trails to Conquer in Malaysia and 50 Cycling Spots in Malaysia. If you and your buddies are looking to turn it up a notch, try climbing and caving at Batu Caves, or joining a white water rafting experience along some of our nation’s many rivers.

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2. Eat Healthier

Whether you want to drop a few kilos, improve your cholesterol or want to stay healthy in general, it is important to incorporate healthy eating habits into your life. Don’t worry, there’s more to healthy eating than just salad and steamed chicken!

If you don’t believe us, join a Healthy Indian Cooking Class where a local will teach you how to make delicious Indian cuisine with healthy ingredients and substitutes, without compromising on taste. You could also join an Ayurvedic Workshop For Beginners to get a consultation as well as tips to lose weight, overcome low energy and rebalance your hormones, along with a demonstration of two Ayurveda recipes.

3. Spend More Time With Family

How to Make These 4 Common New Year Resolutions Even More Fun!Has another year really gone by? Perhaps you have noticed how quickly your loved ones have grown. Children will no longer be children in a few years, and your parents won’t get any younger. It is no surprise that “spending more time with family” tops many New Year’s Resolution lists.

Start with the little things: eat together as a family (no devices allowed at the table), or organize a weekly tradition like game or film nights. Overlap your health goals by exercising as a family, whether it is going on a morning hike or training for a marathon. Make the most of your holidays by going on a family outing – it need not be far so long as there is something all of you can enjoy.

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4. Pick Up A New Hobby Or Skill

How to Make These 4 Common New Year Resolutions Even More Fun!There are so many different hobbies you can pursue out there, and it highly depends on what you are interested in. Be it reading, photography, cooking or any other skill, learning something new helps to keep you focused and reduce stress.

If you are a soft spot for anything crafty, read this for some workshops ideas in Klang Valley to get your creative juices flowing.

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