Secret Santa Gift Ideas: How and What to Get

For some people, Secret Santa gift exchanges are a chance to have fun a little with family, friends or colleagues. For others, it can be a nightmare when you have to crack a head thinking of getting something for possibly a complete stranger.

Fear not – if you have run out of ideas on what to get, here are several tips to help you channel your inner Secret Santa and get the right gift.

#1 The Wish List

No gift is more perfect that something that person actually wants. If you used an online generator to draw the names, you usually have the option to ask for a wish list. You could also be a bit cheeky and ask everyone in the group what they would want (just to throw off the scent as to who you really got). Sometimes it is easier that way.

#2 The Personal Touch

Okay, this applies to people who actually make the effort, but thoughtful gifts really take the cake. A homemade gift says “I care about you enough to do a little extra”. Bake cookies, knit a pouch, design a calendar using their photos, or stick a bunch of Ferrero Rocher in a mini bouquet.

Need more ideas? If you are in Klang Valley, you could make a personalized ring in a ring-making workshop, make one-of-a-kind batik products in this batik workshop, design handmade cards with floral wreaths or brew a bottle of kombucha on LokaLocal.

Photo: Instagram/ Black Milk Project

#3 The Gift They Didn’t Know They Need

A gift that is useful and practical can be just as thoughtful as one with a personal touch. Consider getting a gift that your recipient probably needs in his or her life, such as a compact travel blanket, a keyboard protector, car phone holder, or handy stationery. They might not even realize they need it until they unwrap the gift!

#4 The Luxury They Won’t Usually Get For Themselves

Someone once told me that if you can’t get what they want or need, get something they would not have gotten themselves. Think gifts that smell, taste or feel amazing – say lotion, bath bomb, scented candle, fancy pen, wallet, sunglasses, or a box of macaroons. If it can make someone’s day a little less ordinary, why not?

#5 The Yummy in The Tummy

Remember the popular phrase “the way to someone’s heart is through the stomach”? Food seldom goes wrong. In fact, some might prefer it over random little items they will have to keep. A jar of healthy trail mix or mini snack hamper could be a good idea for someone who has a habit of nibbling in the office, but you could easily get yummy chocolates too.

#6 The Adventure

Going on an adventure is a gift of both time and experience, each as valuable as the other. Rather than get a material gift this year, share an adventure that the recipient would remember for years to come.

If you need some ideas, hop over to LokaLocal for cooking classes, eco adventures, craft workshops, day trips and other local experiences around Malaysia.


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