These experts will show you how you can pack to travel light!

Remember the times when you thought that you’d wear that blue sweater only to find out otherwise? Many of us could probably relate to that. And sometimes, when you observe how some travelers would carry a bag or two (some only with one stuffed backpack!), you’d wonder what’s really in their bags. Like, won’t they bring their hair dryers, sandals, sports shoes …..*list goes on*

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Yeah, you’re not alone in case you’re wondering. During our travel days, we’ve seen many travelers (including ourselves at times) struggle with heavy suitcases and bags. While some may not mind the weight load, others actually came to us and consult about a thing or two of traveling light.

Whatever it is, we can all agree on one thing for sure- the only time your baggage should be filled with items is when you’re going home with travel trinkets and tokens.Really, what’s the secret? How do these people even pull such magical trick?

Let’s dive into how these experts pack so you can travel light: 

pro packers in the making

things to pack for your toiletries

what your medical kit looks like

these go into your kids' bags

fold your clothes following these tips to save space

comprehensive guide to packing light for travel

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