Travel Makes You a Better Person – Here’s 5 Reasons Why

Travel can teach you more than any classroom ever will. That’s because the benefits it reaps comes from within, opening you up to new experiences and making you a better person. Here are 5 reasons how this happens!

You are more confidant and independent

When things don’t go as planned, you embrace the unexpected. When there is no one to help you navigate that confusing transportation system, you rely on yourself. Soon you realise that you are stronger than you can ever imagine – and it’ll show long after you get home from your trip!

You become open to new things

Opening yourself up to new experiences lets you see that different cultures are to be celebrated, not feared from a distance. It widens your comfort zone. It makes you fearless. It lets you see the whole world in a new light. Those who come home from travelling are also proven to have higher emotional stability and agreeableness.

You become more compassionate

When you walk in someone else’s shoes, you learn to see that not everyone has the same challenges or blessings you do. You learn to understand their feelings without being judgmental.

With every smile and help you receive from strangers, perhaps you will find that kindness Your first-world problems will seem insignificant now, and what is left is a deeper connection to the world.

You are more creative and a better problem solver

Great news, travel is proven to increase your creativity! Being more open-minded encourages you to be daring in the way you approach problems. Studies in Netherlands and Singapore also shows that those who travel are better at solving problems in unconventional ways.

You become healthier

According to a study by Cornell University, travel significantly reduces stress. Even the anticipation of going on a holiday gives you a sense of happiness and contentment no amount of material wealth will. When you travel, you feel more relaxed. In fact, studies show that women who travel at least twice a year are less prone to chronic stress and depression compared to those who travel less than once in 2 years.

Unless you are off on a resort holiday, you tend to explore more and engage in plenty of activities when you travel. You may go on a hike, join an extreme sport, walk from one train station to the next just to save on money, or wander around the city on foot all day just to see the sight. That’s enough to keep you active, perhaps more than you are back home!

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