Pantai Cunang: Tanjung Sepat’s Secret Photography and Scenic Spot

This stunning beach is a secret photography spot hidden on the shores of Tanjung Sepat, a fishing village at Selangor, Malaysia.

Not many people are aware of this breathtaking little hideaway at Tanjung Sepat. If not for the locals who told us about it, we would have missed it on our trip!

Pantai Cunang is a stretch of white sandy beach along a mangrove forest. Located a short drive away from the fishing village, you have to go through a oil palm plantation. There is a signboard and parking space just before you get to the beach, along with a small shrine that indicates that the presence of the Mah Mari indigenous people.

There is a small bridge that takes you past a small opening through the mangrove, and opens out to an isolated beach that made us wonder if we’d stumbled on a wonderland.

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Mangrove Forests

Pantai Cunang is tucked away from the usual tourist sites in Tanjung Sepat. Edged by lush mangrove forests, all you can hear are the waves crashing against the shore, and the cries of monkeys somewhere amidst the rustling leaves.

Ancient Fishermen Lookout

Pantai Cunang is a traditional resting area for the Mah Meri indigenous community. Today, it has been transformed into a tourist destination, dotted with traditional houses, colourful décor and even a handicraft store. However it is usually empty unless there are pre-planned activities.

Now and then you might spot some locals on motorcycles, who would stop by in the afternoon to take in the sea breeze and watch Mah Meri fishermen out at work.

There are plenty of multi-colored seating areas made from wood or old tyres, where you can bask in uninterrupted ocean views.

The Other Side of Tanjung Sepat

Walk to the left side of the beach, and you’ll reach a fantastic viewing point of Tanjung Sepat’s iconic Lovers Bridge. How often do you get to see it from this perspective?

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Take a stroll further to your right and you’ll get to a quieter part of the beach only taken over by nature. Photographers and nature lovers will love how peaceful and photogenic it is here.

You can catch the sunrise and sunset here, although it can be rather dark if you leave past those twilight times.

There’s actually so much more to Tanjung Sepat than just the Lovers Bridge and seafood, but not many people see that. We’ll be uncovering more hidden gems in Malaysia soon, from good food to places just outside your radar, so that you can add them on your next road trip list.

Pantai Cunang
17, Jalan Pelangi 20, Pekan Tanjung Sepat, 42800 Tanjung Sepat, Selangor.
Opening Times: 24 hours

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