360° Virtual Tour – TimbeReality, First Virtual Shopping Mall for Timber and Furniture Products in Malaysia

TimbeReality is one of the key projects that we started in 2021. Alongside the Malaysian Timber Council (MTC), we built TimbeReality, a 360-degree virtual shopping mall that caters to timber industry players. This national-level programme is envisioned as a way for anyone in the world can browse through the mall, learn about MTC, discover timber products, and connect with businesses.

High Quality 3D Imagery

To ensure that users get an immersive experience of TimbeReality, we made sure that the 3D imagery are all of high quality. From conceptualisation to the final design, the shopping mall soon became a reality, with true-to-life 4K renders that look professional and modern. Some people have gotten back to us saying that they didn’t know it was all virtual!

In the first scene, we also added a timelapse panorama, to show some changing light ambience that would certainly catch the eye of first time visitors.

Functional Website with Central Management System

The main part of TimbeReality is resides in a dedicated website, built from ground up by our technical and design team. We integrated a Central Management System (CMS) to enable effective content creation, management and modification. This way, we were also able to customise a user-friendly and engaging interface to help the website stand out.

An Evergrowing Directory of Virtual Showrooms and Factories

As part of this iniative, our team worked with many timber-related companies to digitise their showrooms and factories through virtual tours.

The showrooms come with 11 different facade layouts, each designed to suit varying tastes, from simple to luxurious, traditional to modern. Each company have the choice to turn their physical showrooms into a virtual tour, or select pre-made 3D general layouts where they can display their products like a show gallery. For every showroom, we included a navigation menu with company info, and e-commerce hotspots that allow customers to look in detail at the products. We also embedded different media in each, such as images, videos, 360 videos and even 3D models of their furniture.

In some cases, where the company does not have the B2C model, and would only like to focus on their factory processes or portfolio, they are able to showcase these in a personalised showroom.

Some companies maximise their virtual tour usage by displaying it on their website, submitting it for online exhibitions, or sharing it with their business partners for a more in-depth understanding of their operating capabilities.

All the participating companies are listed in the directory. You can also search for a timber or furniture showroom by clicking on the Search icon at the top right hand corner, which can be searched by company name, product and keyword level.

Since this is an ongoing project, you can expect to see more businesses coming on board with their virtual tours.

360 Video Opening

First impressions can change the look and feel of the project. That is why when the website first loads, a 360-degree video starts to play. We went to several factories and showrooms in Malaysia to film the workers in action, highlighting various processes according to a narration, which details the purpose of TimbeReality.

Real Life Human Avatars

What better way to help users navigate through a virtual space than with human avatars? After completing our videography work at the studio, and the post production processes, TimbeReality now has several real human avatars at certain sections of the mall, each providing a brief description on how users can make the most of their online experience.

This also allowed the mall to feel more interactive and ‘alive’. See if you can spot all the avatars! Be sure to check out TimbeReality during festive seasons, as you just might get a little surprise!

Outcome: Official Launch of TimbeReality

On 27 October 2021, Malaysian Timber Council officially launched TimbeReality at Everly Hotel, Putrajaya. This was held in conjunction with Minggu Agrikomoditi 2021, an online programme organised by the Ministry of Plantation Industries and Commodities.

Take a look at the launch video for a runthrough of what TimbeReality is all about!

Needless to say, we were pleased to finally see this programme kick off, after a year of hard work. And we look forward, alongside MTC, to taking this mall to greater heights.

Create a Virtual Tour with LokaLocal

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