360° Virtual Tour – Uplands III with 3D Render

When we were engaged to develop a 360° virtual tour for Project Uplands III, the architecture and landscapes have not been constructed. Uplands III is the latest project by TI Homes, a property developer in Perak, depicted in a combination of mixed renders and full 3D virtual walkthrough.

We created true-to-life 360° interior and exterior renders from its architectural design references, digitised floor plans and files. For each room, we developed a 3D model concept and design that fits with the overall feel, keeping in mind the tastes of its prospective buyers. Our mixed renders for the outdoors combine actual photography with 3D renderings, which helps their audience visualised an imagined space within an existing area.

Pulsating hotspots allow customers to easily navigate throughout the virtual tour, so that they can see for themselves what the project is like even though it has not been built, anywhere in the world using laptops, mobile devices, tablets and VR headgear. This also allows the client to start promoting their products even at its pre-construction stage.

Create a Virtual Tour with LokaLocal

LokaLocal creates immersive virtual tours for real estate and property, through 360° photography and 3D digital renders. If you have a unit that has not even been built yet, we can create a fully 3D rendered virtual tour complete with design, concept and VR development. Likewise, if you would like to highlight an unconstructed property within an existing area, we can create a hyperealistic 3D architectural rendering in its place. We are based in Malaysia but available for work globally.

Get in touch with us at hello@lokalocal.com for virtual reality services, and visit our website for more information.


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