19 Industrial Virtual Tours for Factories and Business Facilities in Malaysia

A well-designed industrial virtual tour of your factory, manufacturing plant or business zone is a dynamic and powerful medium to showcase your expertise, facilities, people and processes.

For one, facility virtual tours are a major timesaver as you don’t have to worry about layers of approval, or reorganise your space before each physical visit; it is simply there all year round. You can show an overview of your businesses by giving a glimpse of your business at full scale, while emphasising certain technology or proceses. Unlike your typical corporate video or Powerpoint presentation, a 360-degree medium is a stunning alternative that can be accessed by your audience in a convenient and relaxed environment.

Here are some industrial virtual tours that have captured the operations, cultures and products of their respective businesses.

1. Invest KL Virtual Tour

Invest KL is an agency focusing on attracting companies, unicorns and other international businesses to Greater Kuala Lumpur. The virtual tour covers the strategic growth zones and investment hubs in the region, spanning Kuala Lumpur City Centre, Bangsar South, KL Sentral and Cyberjaya. Through this medium, investors and business stakeholders can explore the regional hubs from the comfort of home. The Neighbourhood Guide enables viewers to discover some of the lifestyle attractions in Greater Kuala Lumpur.

See industrial virtual tour for Invest KL.

2. Maran Timber Factory Virtual Tour

Maran Timber is an integrated timber manufacturing company with operations in Pahang. Their virtual tour covers key areas in the factory, such as its kilning facilities and integrated timber processing facilities. As they are the first sawmill in Malaysia with timber tracking certificates for exporting green timber, the tour also includes a closer look into their finished timber products, which are shipped to clients around the world. A video at the entrance provides an immersive walkthrough of the factory, while informative pop-ups provide an insight into their precision machinery and processes.

See industrial virtual tour for Maran Timber.

3. Weng Meng Industries Factory Virtual Tour

Weng Meng Industries is a major producer and distributor of doors and steel cable reels in Malaysia. They often run tours of their 20-acre manufacturing and R&D facility, and what better way to go digital than with a purpose-built virtual tour? Covering a lot of ground on the factory floor allows their stakeholders to view the processes from start to finish, with unique views on their latest technology and unique machinery.

See industrial virtual tour for Weng Meng Industries.

4. Eurospace Industries Factory Virtual Tour

Eurospace Industries specialises in wood office furniture. Their 360 factory tour allows viewers to navigate through their 3 factories. At key areas of interest, they can see some of the technology used during the manufacture, such as their CNC Machine, Morbidelli Machine, Salvagnini and LCD.

See industrial virtual tour for Eurospace Industries.

5. Hengwood Industries Factory Virtual Tour

Our virtual tour for Hengwood Industries takes viewers behind the scenes of an integrated hardwood flooring manufacturing plant. Each panorama focuses on various areas in the factory, including the stacking department, production floor, and warehouse. From the aerial view, the solar panels on the top of the building present the company’s implementation of green energy in their production facilities.

See industrial virtual tour for Hengwood Industries.

6. Wood Story Factory Virtual Tour

With Wood Story’s virtual factory tour, we developed a distinct storyline to match their corporate culture and values. The company specialises in handcrafted bespoke furniture, as well as turning reclaimed wood into unique pieces. Every panorama is paired with descriptions that highlight their brand story, quality craftsmanship, commitment towards timelessness, and sustainable practises. The 360 degree experience contains custom information points to emphasise the stories behind each step in the manufacture process.

See industrial virtual tour for Wood Story.

7. Home JS Furniture Factory Virtual Tour

Home JS has an integrated furniture manufacturing facility located in Muar, Johor. Their virtual tour opens with an aerial view amidst a green landscape, with custom points that transport viewers into the production floor, as well as packing and finishing facility.

See industrial virtual tour for Home JS Furniture.

8. Gemas Wood & Door Factory Virtual Tour

The factory virtual tour for Gemas Wood and Door showcases selected areas on the premise. Given their role as a supplier for solid wooden doors, we focused on their overview, production area, kiln dry stacking area and sawmill. Each section includes descriptions on their company values.

See industrial virtual tour for Gemas Wood & Door.

9. United Woodwork & Construction Factory Virtual Tour

With their operations based in Penang, United Woodwork and Construction’s specialty is in knock down Nyatoh solid wooden dining sets. The 360 experience captures the essence of the brand through 8 panoramas, emphasizing on the production line along with demonstrations by their staff.

See industrial virtual tour for United Woodwork & Construction.

10. Taishi Tech Industries Factory Virtual Tour

Taishi Tech’s industrial virtual tour emphasises on their innovative manufacturing equipment, such as their Germans Flat PUR Laminator, Germans Panel Saw, and Germans PUR Edging Machine. Custom hotspots reveal videos of the machinery at work.

See industrial virtual tour for Taishi Tech Industries.

11. Famous Ed Factory Virtual Tour

Famous Ed is a timber products supplier based in Ulu Yam, Selangor. Their sawmill and logyard is a significant part of their production, and this is featured in their factory virtual tour. We worked with their staff to present the best view of each department, while providing on-site demonstrations.

See industrial virtual tour for Famous Ed.

12. Leo Up Enterprise Factory Virtual Tour

Leo Up Enterprise is a furniture manufacturer and exporter, with their headquarters in Muar, Johor. Given their expertise in upholstered furniture, the 360 experience of their factory puts their warehouse and storage of materials as a focal point.

See industrial virtual tour for Leo Up Enterprise.

13. TD Furniture Factory Virtual Tour

TD Furniture is the largest furniture producer in Perak, Malaysia. Their factory virtual tour reflects their significant role in the industry. It touches on their large storage space, material preparation facilities, and the production of finished goods on the premise. Some of the specialised equipment included in the virtual tour includes their CNC machine, lamination machine and cutting machine.

See industrial virtual tour for TD Furniture.

14. Dynamic Furniture Industries Factory Virtual Tour

To highlight Dynamic Furniture’s systematic production line, the 360 panoramas focus are divided into different categories on the navigation menu. This ranges from the handling of raw materials, to the design department, manufacturing sections, as well as packing and QC area. The high-quality images capture the process of creating the furniture, which allows stakeholders to have a glimpse of what happens behind the scenes. This helps to boost investor confidence and attract business opportunities.

See industrial virtual tour for Dynamic Furnitures Industries.

15. Haluan Mutiara Factory Virtual Tour

Our virtual tour for Haluan Mutiara’s factory emphasises the assembly lines for the timber products manufacturing business. Their staff cooperated during the shoot to show the factory at work, which adds a sense of liveliness and dynamicism.

See industrial virtual tour for Haluan Mutiara.

16. Bold Diseno Factory Virtual Tour

For Bold Diseno, shedding the spotlight on their latest technology and streamlined processes was an essential part of their virtual tour. The panoramas focus on their equipment such as their CNC machine. Custom hotspots open up short videos that depict how the machines work, while another leads to their showroom where some of their key products are featured.

See industrial virtual tour for Bold Diseno.

17. KJH Wood Industrial Factory Virtual Tour

With KJH Wood Industrial’s virtual factory tour, it is all about dynamic movement and human interaction. The opening scene starts with a staff round-up, followed by 360 panoramas that show forklifts and employees in action. To us, that makes the experience all the more engaging! This also gives prospects a better look of the factory at work.

See industrial virtual tour for KJH Wood Industries.

18. Exowood Factory Virtual Tour

Exowood specialises in producing exotic wood mouldings, and their production line is captured in their 360 virtual tour. We were tasked to cover 8 areas on the factory grounds, which serves to introduce their key facility to their prospects, customers and investors. The virtual tour was also a good opportunity to highlight their latest services in Osmose Protim Double Vacuum and Pressure Treatment. Take a look at their Turning section to see a mixture of traditional and modern equipment in the factory.

See industrial virtual tour for Exowood.

19. Ching Hin Timber Factory Virtual Tour

We created a virtual tour spanning 9 key areas of interest within Ching Hin’s factory in Jenjarom, Selangor. The navigation menu goes through the end-to-end manufacturing process through various 360 panoramas, from the sawmill to the kilning facility, quality control department, loading bay and storage unit.

See industrial virtual tour for Ching Hin Timber.

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