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Penang ● Joined in 18th of April 2017

Tropical Spice Garden is more than just a garden! We’re an organization of environmentally and socially-aware individuals.

Our team members come from the local community and live within Tropical Spice Garden’s neighbourhood. It’s great being able to rely on a tightly-knit, bunch of friendly neighbours!
During the development of the Garden, we utilized mainly natural and recycled building materials salvaged from pre-war shop houses or sourced from local antique stores. After all, old is gold!
Our Garden only uses organic fertilizer and integrated pest control methods to limit the negative impact we have on the cycle of life.
We love to recycle! So please help us out by depositing your rubbish in the appropriately marked dustbins.
We make it a point to deal with smaller local vendors and traders to support their businesses and share the success. After all what comes around, goes around and we want to play our role as a responsible and caring organization.

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