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Traveler reviews

Such an incredibly awesome tour! It was memorable, fun filled and well organized, I thoroughly enjoyed every single moment with Yee Ling!
October 2017
Awesome trip. Tia is a very knowledgeable tourist guide. She tells us stories of the people and the place. The people of each place gives us insights of art and culture that they are sustaining at this tech era. Getting my hands onto charcoal making and joss stick making, learning the complicated process and technique, is an experience that I cannot find else where. Thanks Tia! Thanks LokaLocal. Will be back with my parents!
October 2017
It’s surprising to know that there is still a place like Kuala Sepetang, where local traditions are well-preserved and close to the heart of its people. Thanks to Tia, we got to meet charcoal makers and joss stick makers who showed us the technique behind each craft. The best part is that we get to try them out as well! The experience has been incredibly different and I thoroughly enjoyed it.
October 2017