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I am a dreamer and problem solver who embarked on a journey to explore the world. I am an American who has lived in Malaysia for 10 years, and who has made it my mission to work for women's empowerment and cultural heritage innovation here in Malaysia. I also love coffee and spending time with my husband and three kids, who were born in Malaysia. And I stay up way too late at night thinking through new ideas for products, collaborations, and stalking Instagram. I hope you'll find time to stop by our studio and learn about dyeing textiles and making products with us from the famous Malaysian art form called Batik. And do be sure to drop by our retail outlet downstairs to pick up a few gifts that are all made by our seamstresses and local artisans. We try to make it an fun experience for all, and I think you'll love it! Hope to see you soon. Experiences will be hosted by myself and Malaysian batik team.

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Nurul A.
September 2017

Fantastic!! That's how i can describe the batik class. The local expert did very well by teaching us vary techniques used in making batik so thus the tips for making it works in every design. It's kind of art therapy where you can express yourself in a white plain cloth. Everyone can create their own design that they love for their master pieces of journal. Not only that, our teacher did share how they set up the enterprise and it was amazing knowing that they actually help lot of women to build their economy and help the family. I wish to attend the class again in future as it was so amazing and enjoyable.

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September 2017

Love the batik class and the cause behind it! Our teacher showed us the different techniques of making batik, and explained how their social enterprise helps to support women through financial independence. It was pretty fun and therapeutic to express our creativity while making our batik journal - and there's a lovely gift at the end of it. Would love to join the other class they have in the future.

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September 2017

I thoroughly enjoyed this experience, from beginning to end. Our instructor was very gracious the entire time and made batik an approachable topic to learn. Before the class, I only had an amateur interest in batik, so I really enjoyed learning in more depth about the different ways of making batik patterns, how Batik Boutique is helping to empower women, and how to tell the difference between a genuine batik product and a fake one! All in all, this class is suitable for beginners. While I personally found both the canting and block printing techniques challenging, I had a lot of fun trying out the different patterns that we could make on the cloths provided. What I liked the most was coloring in the patterns — it was very therapeutic, I never expected to enjoy it so much. I’ll definitely come again to try out their other classes sometime soon. Thanks to all the folks at Batik Boutique for making my Sunday!

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November 2017

Great Cultural Art Experience!

I never thought of having a hands-on batik painting experience in Kuala Lumpur.
The class is absolutely fun! I've been intro with some background of batik, learned the different techniques of printing & choosing a batik and its making process. This is the place for creativity. The host also shared the formation of their social enterprise and how it helps the under privileged women group to be financial independence. Support their effort for the works towards the community!

So satisfied to see my unique master piece produced in just few hours time. Recommended!

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July 2018

Such a great experience and lots of fun! I highly recommend it to anyone who is in town and wants to do some hands-on fun activities. Puti (I hope I'm not butchering her name!) was so sweet and a great instructor for the workshop and so enthusiastic about batik. The business itself too, is quite amazing and what it sets out to do. I will say that its best not to go to crazy about making so many things as you may not have that much time. So choose wisely! Other than that, it's a great experience. I would do it again!

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November 2018

The workshop was great. Good host, good history, plenty of time to practice! Thank you.

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October 2018

This is such an amazing experience for us. My kids enjoyed the whole process of doing the Batik journal. It's fun, interactive and they are very happy with the finished products. Highly recommended for parents with kids to join the workshop. Thanks Batik Boutique for this one of a kind experiences. Will be back for sure.

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It's a very great experience. I learned a lot about shibori and meet nice and friendly ppl. It's a happy day! Thank you.

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Kazuko S.

It was fun, friendly, easy to understand explanation.

And it was good that we could practice a lot.

I really enjoyed it. Thank you!

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Kerry C.

Fun and enjoyable workshop. Good mix of instruction and creativity! Thank you very much for an enjoyable + creative morning!

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Thank you for a great morning! Really enjoyed making my journal and learning this technique. :)

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Jing Y.
April 2019

The host was very friendly and speak English fluently. very well prepared and systematic. We even get our own sketch books with the cover made by our own. Good experience!

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January 2020

It was a nice experience. And the teacher very nice

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November 2020

It was lovely to attend this Malaysian Batik class, thanks Amy for attentive to teach me how to do it. She is not only attentive in explanation but also helping me when I started to feel my batik scarf out of shape. I felt enjoyable doing this workshop. It was fun and relaxing. Good for introduction of batik class and for made in hand souvenirs. Thank you so much~