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ASK Dance Company (ADC) is a professional dance collective. We specialize in providing training, workshops, master classes, performances, choreography as well as undertaking collaborative projects in traditional and contemporary genres of dance.

The company was first formed in 1994 as the flagship feature of the Faculty of Dance, ASWARA, Malaysia’s university of the arts. It was a project-based collective of lecturers, graduates and outstanding students, established to promote local performances, artistry and champion a Malaysian identity in traditional and contemporary dance. This also provided an invaluable avenue to publicize the mission of the institution, its curriculum and exposure for its illustrious alumni and students.

In 2011, the professional company was registered, and received a tremendous boost with the injection of funds from the Sime Darby Foundation, embarking on a nationwide tour with the project Connecting Communities, a series of performances and workshops provided free to the community immediately winning the Grand Jury Prize of the Selangor Young Talent Award for performing arts. This has continued with its cornerstone outreach programs Building Bridges, Get Malaysia Dancing and Forging Traditions. At the same time, the company worked to stage an impressive range of dance productions including Women On Top, 3 Faces, Main Zapin, Reborn, Pitstop, Becoming King … the Pakyung Revisited, 2 by 2, Panchali Sabatham, Tracks and Traces, Crossing Borders in Bharatanatyam, and Take Off! The company has also participated in major Malaysian festivals including JB Arts Festival, Kluang Dance Festival, Sibu Arts Festival, Arts on the Move, Georgetown Festival, kakiseni Arts Festival, Iskandar Festival and Borak Arts. Internationally, the company has toured in Hong Kong, Philippines, Singapore, Indonesia, South Korea, Japan, Switzerland, Vietnam and Thailand. The company has continued to receive arts awards and accolades for its work primarily through kakiseni’s Boh Cameronian Arts Awards.

The company’s philosophy is that to be alive, one must continuously learn, and thus be unafraid to ASK pertinent questions. Its dance productions serve as a platform for this dialogue, from issues about disenfranchisement to celebrations of life. ASK Dance Company has become a shining example of Malaysia’s plurality danced through its repertoire and the ethnicity of company members. The company aspires to become a unique force with a distinct Malaysian identity providing employment, experience and a career pathway for outstanding dancers and choreographers. Further, ADC intends to play a significant role in bridging innumerable boundaries and breaking glass ceilings and bring this into the forefront of national/international consciousness.
ASK Dance Company…dancing the Malaysian!

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