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I’m Sara Khong, a professional cook and author of four cookbooks: Malaysian Meals In 30 Minutes, One Pot Wonders, 3 Ingredient Recipes, and Slow Cooker Recipes. I'm passionate about making authentic Malaysian cuisine and growing local herbs and vegetables in my edible garden. I look forward to share with you Malaysia's most popular dishes made in my family's kitchen!

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November 2018

I came for the 9 am class and was blown away. Cooking class was easy to follow and interactive. I explored Sara's edible garden, smelling all the fresh ingredients was almost as good as tasting the resulting lunch. I also learned the step-by-step for wrapping the "Nasi Lemak Bungkus" and it was extremely fun! Lastly, everyone can get a recipe book to take home as well - best value for money!

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December 2018

This was a wonderful experience with Sara - a devoted cook with loads of knowledge of her craft. Her tips & guidance are really helpful. The extra special part of the session was that all recipes are kitchen tested by Sara and all dishes turned out delicious. Her surprises during this Nasi Lemak wrapping is the extra sago gula melaka dessert and teh tarik were so original. Thank you & hugs to Sara. Go Sara!

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December 2018

It was incredible. Sara is a wonderful person, she taught me simple basics that were essential to one's inventory. Not only kitchen skills but it's an experience of a lifetime.

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January 2019

Like the garden guide tour to know more about edible food.

Truly know about the ingredient and the atmosphere is very good. Clean and tidy. Good food and Sara is pretty and knowledgeable.

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January 2019

A wide variety of food in this cooking school. Very home feeling. Authentic taste with our own judgement of some of the taste e.g. amount of condensed milk in teh. Sara is very caring that when we cooked banana fritters, she demonstrated first and keep reminding us to be careful.

Sara is also very opened to opinion and suggestion, you can join her class and suggest what to cook, she's very flexible.

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Céline M.
April 2019

I really enjoyed this experience and would 100% recommend it! Sara was incredibly nice and the cooking class was very educational and fun. It was great to learn not only how to cook these Malaysian dishes but also to learn more about the culture and history behind them. Sara was very knowledgeable, explaining everything in detail and allowing us to do everything ourselves so we could truly learn and be able to recreate everything at home. She also made sure to mention alternative ingredients in case we couldn't find certain things in our home countries which was great. I look forward to re-making these dishes at home for my family and friends using the recipe book she gave us and the new skills I learned. Thanks Sara for an amazing introduction to Malaysia and its food and culture! :)