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Hi! I am a born and raised Peranakan with a passion for cooking and storytelling. I enjoy sharing my culture with others, as well as learning about other cultures. Among my other interests includes travelling, landscape photography, movies, music, reading and watching the sunsets.

My philosophy in life is the journey of learning is never ending!

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December 2019

Food was delicious and Ken was very informative. He has an extensive knowledge of what authentic Nyonya food is. Well worth a visit if you are in Kuala Lumpur, a real must for the solo traveler looking for a unique experience. Thank you for a very enjoyable evening Ken, I will come back again for Mee Siam :)

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December 2019





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December 2019

Ken is a fantastic host and storyteller! He served delicious Peranakan food that came from authentic recipes passed down in his family, and it was eye-opening to learn the differences between the Peranakans in different states and how the food reflects that. I love the curry chicken and the Nyonya kuih! He told plenty of stories about his culture and family (some were dramatic and we were really immersed in it). Overall it was an enjoyable evening.