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Singapore ● Joined in 2nd of December 2019

I offer guided tours curated by locals who know the city inside out. I give the traveller a glimpse of the city, its people as they are. Our signature through all our tours lie in you doing, experiencing and interacting with locals rather than as a passive tourist. It may involve you cooking local dishes, snapping pictures of local architecture, tasting, even ordering food like a local.

Our guests leave as friends and bring home many colourful memories. Most tell us it's the connection made with many of our Chiefs (our super guides) and Natives (local experts) of our tours. Some are simply blown away at the depth our guides cover with our themes. In our tours, one learns much about the local neighbourhoods, its history, stages of development, its evolving culture and people, etc. One of our friends puts it best "it's like knowing a city inside out with a long time friend".

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