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● Joined in 5th of November 2020

Our unique walking tours in Kuala Lumpur are curated by award-winning Malaysian tourist guide Jane Rai, who is passionate about preserving KL’s heritage. The walks are fun and eco-friendly. They support local communities and promote zero food waste.

The team aims to keep Kuala Lumpur’s heritage alive through an immersive experience which has a positive, sustainable impact on the local community. The Kuala Lumpur Heritage Walks are run by Jane Rai, Stevie Chan, Marie and Shah.

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December 2020

It was a great experience when the session brought by experienced guide. But interrupt by technical issue during half way. First, my voice can't be heard and then webcam not functioning. End up with frustrating "self guided" walk by clicking when the guide might guiding. And being critic by the guide treat it as cracking sound as a noise to interrupt the walk. !@#$%^&*

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January 2021

On December 19th, I went on the Old Kuala Lumpur: East-West Connection virtual tour while at home during the lockdown! Not knowing what to expect from a virtual tour, Imust say, overall it a wonderful experience to see how a physical walking tour looked in virtual form. My curiosity was satisfied!

I was pleasantly surprised when the tour began to open to a striking 360º aerial view of an area in the old part of the city, where friends and I go for street photography (my hobby). The aerial view of the tour site was spectacular. I got to see,in full view; streets and hundreds of buildings of all shape and colours, clustered within green hills come close to mycomputer screen. The aerial and 360º view of the area near the muddy rivers gave me a sense of the space and beauty of my city. I began to appreciate the old and new.

I was late in joining the session! But a cheery guide welcomed and introduced me to the other guest. After a short witty introduction on the tour and places to explore, Jane Rai was set to show the tour highlights and attractions virtually!

While leading through streets, lined with pre-war rows of shophouses, we paused to check specific details. I marvel the street views and artistic murals. At each point, Jane told fascinating stories on notable buildings. I have photographed some of these building but never knew much information or stories. She made me fall in love with the architecture and stories of important people who, once, lived in the area including the ‘King of Shoe’ of the 1950s.

One of the many memorable parts of the tour was entering the old Chinese Taoist temple, hidden between tall buildings. A temple I never visited before although I live in Kuala Lumpur. I got to see the inside and outside spaces, the courtyard, and ceiling via the 360º images. Every image was sharp and clear. I could see the details of many fixtures including a large antique table, spirit tablets, statues, engravings on wood panel, and prayer paraphernalia. It was good to know that Malaysians respect the Chinese Kapitans, whose photos are at a dedicated section of this active temple.

At the end of the virtual tour the guide allowed us to browse or enable us to move freely through the virtual space. I could go back and forth to see details of back lanes. I found the visible arrow icon useful. I could quickly swipe through to see a wide variety of views within the space and in a real short time too. I took the chance to virtually explore the nooks and crannies of grand colonial buildings, its arches and bricks included the graceful masjid at the spit of two rivers.

Thank you Jane for integrating old maps, photos and videos in this virtual tour. It complemented your powerful story telling. This tour is highly recommended if you are seeking detail insights into KL’s history. The tour details and story telling were amazing.

Anyone wanting to experience this tour must have good Internet connect, preferably a laptop, a good microphone/earphone for conversations. Do fix a good drink and be seated comfortably. Your guide will allow you to make a quick pit-stop at your home off course!

It was an enjoyable virtual tour I ever experienced and an overwhelming experience to acknowledge how amazing the city is developing. This tour makes me feel more in love with the city and opened up different perspectives on how I view this part of the city.

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February 2021

I thought this would just be another 360 degrees virtual tour but i was wrong. How amazing that one could literally enter a building and view every intricate details of the interior architecture with a click of a button. This brings the virtual reality experience to a whole new level because most virtual reality applications would limit users to the external facade viewing of the building. Jane takes you to the hidden corners and instagrammable spots in Chinatown and shares the lesser known facts and history about the area. I like the way Jane takes her time to navigate her way through the various lanes and patiently explaining the history of these places with an old nostalgic picture popping up from time to time. If you have a good 1 hour to spare, immerse yourself in this unique tour experience from the comfort of your home.

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February 2021

Guide Jane is who i call a 'walking encyclopedia'. She seems to know loads of historic information about the colonial regime in Malaya which is further supplemented by a rare archival collection of black and white pictures. I like the 'before' and 'after' comparison of how the landmarks looked in the past and present. The added video footages complement the tour and I think this tour would be great for students who wish to embark on a learning journey.

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February 2021

My teenage boys and I had our first virtual 360º tour experience with Lokalocal. We enjoyed the effortless tour led by Stevie and Jane. They were lively and fun.

We were overjoyed to see breath taking aerial views of the cityfamiliar to us. In the past, we did many joy rides at this area in Kuala Lumpur’s only double-deck tour bus. Only, this time we were enjoying the views and stories on the city’s old buildings, historical streets and attractive murals from our home.

We loved the spectacular images of each attraction featured in the East-West Connection tour, combined with videos and photos of bygone KL. We learned so much about our city’s past and present history that we knew little of. The guides kept us engaged with quizand answered all questions my boys had to complete their schoolwork on local history.

A highly recommend tour for family. It is affordable. We fell more in love with the city made possible with the use of virtual reality technology and good storytelling.

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June 2021

What can I say? This was unbelievable tour experience. Best! Menarik! A lot of History! Nice! That pastry shop really can make my mouth water.😋 Thank you.👍

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Cze Y.
July 2021

This was our first virtual tour. Jane has certainly come up with with an interesting way to present KL even to locals. We have been on walking tours to this part of old KL and to do a virtual walk was a great extension of that experience. I liked the flashbacks to old photos to see how the building or street looked in the "old days". I liked even more the stories of historical figures who used to live or work there. Well done Jane!

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July 2021

I joined the Old Kuala Lumpur: Chinatown Cultural Walk on 27 June 2021 and it was such a good experience. I realised that there's so much I didn't know about Kuala Lumpur despite having lived in the Klang Valley all my life. The tour guides, Ms. Jane Rai and Mr. Stevie Chan, made everything enjoyable and were very patient in entertaining our enquiries. I highly recommend this tour. Going on a virtual tour is a unique experience that everyone should try at least once, especially at a time like now.

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Nur F.
September 2021

This was definitely a novel experience for me, using 360 virtual maps hosted on lokalocal's site for the walk. I loved Ms Jane Rai's way of introducing KL to us by sharing with us how it got its name. The usage of old maps as well as archival photos as we walk through the streets enabled us to fully immerse ourselves in the experience. There were so many stories that I was not aware of no matter how frequent I visit KL in recent years (more for food and shopping nonetheless).

As a history buff, I loved making the connections with information I already knew from my previous readings or sharings I attended. If you want something different from merely usage of ppt slides and videos - this is something not to miss! You could hear Ms Jane's enthusiasm and love for history through her sharing - our session was 2.5hrs long but it was not boring for me at all!

Thank you for the experience Ms Jane!

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October 2021

I attended the virtual tour of Chinatown and I was so happy that I did. Jane was extremely knowledgeable on the history of Chinatown, I was pleasantly surprised with all that I learned. I would have never known the history in such detail if I hadn't attended her virtual tour. Being a Malaysian citizen my whole life, I was surprised that I didn't know a lot at all before the tour. Thank you Jane for the enlightenment. I would definitely recommend this tour to everyone. Citizens and tourists included.

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November 2021

The virtual 360° tour (live-guided) takes you on a journey through the history of Kuala Lumpur specifically in exploring the Chinatown area. Indeed an incredible experience. Jane as always is really passionate in telling lots of compelling stories. I gained valuable knowledge on how the city evolved from tin mining activities, traditional trades, the architecture of old shophouses, the Chinese migrants and their way of life. The stories behind the back lane were the most fascinating to me. Overall, this digital experience exceeded my expectation. It was highly interactive, informative and enjoyable! Looking forward to join the physical tour soon.