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Hey, I'm Charles
Kuala Lumpur
Reviews (2)

Traveler reviews

Charles or more fondly known as Charlie by the locals is a great guide. He is a person who is very familiar with Kuala Lumpur and very close to the community. This can be seen by the way the locals call up to him and jokes with him when he brings us around the area. Charlie also inform and explain on the history behind the heritage of the site. We also manage to sample a lot of street food and was treated to a great lunch. Being a local, I have not even known of the places he brought us and this has been a great experience for me.
December 2017
Ken was an amazing host who took us to try Malaysian, Chinese and Indian delicacies. He was warm, knowledgeable and willing to speak about all things food and culture. Thanks for the experience. I highly recommend for tourists and expats alike.
January 2019