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Jungle Trekking in Langkawi's Rainforest

Kedah, Malaysia
3 hours
2 - 22 travelers
Booking notice
1 day
Standard price
MYR 174.00/Pax
I speak English
If you're a nature lover, your visit to Langkawi will not be complete without joining our jungle trekking tour, to discover its flora and fauna. There are many plant species that are endemic and are found no where else in the other parts of the world.

Our experience nature guide will take you to the trails of the foothill of Gunung Raya mountain, the highest mountain of the island, at the place called Book Village, there the locals were able to swim in the cool refreshing water and at the same time reading or buying books in mini book shops located in the forest.

Come to observe and understand the plants and its wildlife that are associated with it such as insects, reptiles, wild fruit and flowers and also those with medicinal properties.


  • Day 1 3.0hours
    Jungle Trekking
    Guests will be picked up around 9am or 3:30pm from their hotel to the Book Village. The drive will take around 30 minutes of drive to the destination. Once arrived, guests will be greeted by professional tour guide, and the walk will starts once briefing is done and drinking water is given. In there forest we will witness our natural heritage such as plants, wild flowers, birds, mammals, insect etc. they also have the chance for a short break at the refreshing flowing nearby waterfall/river of lubuk Semilang.

    Guests will be transferred back to pick up point (hotels within Langkawi) when the walk is completed (approx 2 hours).
Calorie Burner , Rural Escape , Educational Fun
Transportation during tour
Extra conditions
Children friendly


  • Poor weather plan
    1. We can postpone the trip to the later afternoon or the following day (depends on the situation).

    2. Go to the Book Village first, wait around 30 minutes for better weather. If the situation doesn't improves, guests will be send back to the hotel FOC.
  • Safety notices
    Buy some insect repellent and avoid dark colored clothing or short/hot pants.
  • Outfit Recommendations
    Light colored clothing, insect repellent and good walking shoes.
Standard price
MYR 174.00 /Pax
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