2D1N Mystery Trail of Kuala Kubu Bharu

Selangor, Malaysia

2 Day(s)
1 - 12 travelers
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3 days
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RM 241.28

Sue Suen
I speak English, Mandarin

Discover the mysterious town of Kuala Kubu Bharu and embrace nature away from the city!

Kuala Kubu Bharu is the earliest organised town in Malaysia. In 1883, a heavy rain caused the dam to break and flood Kuala Kubu, now known as Ambang Pecah. According to legend, this was the revenge of the River God, which takes the form of a white alligator. It is said that the while alligator was shot dead by Cecil Ranking, a British colonel. The body of the culprit was found on a tree the following day. Another myth that surrounds this town is the Guan Yin Temple, believed to have remained due to the blessing of the Gods.

Today, Kuala Kubu Bharu is a popular place for city folks who want a getaway amidst natural attractions and a peaceful atmosphere. Come join us for an adventure in this mysterious town!

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Day 1

09:30 AM

Meet at meeting point and talk a walk in Kuala Kubu Bharu


Check into homestay to unload luggage.

Walk around town with our local expert, as she reveals the mystery and history of Kuala Kubu Bahru. Explore buildings and monuments that have existed since the 1930s, including an old theatre and clock tower. Take pictures with the many street murals.

10:30 AM

Visit the Historical & Art Museum

11:30 AM

Lunch at a Local Restaurant

01:30 PM

Visit Guan Yin Temple & Buddhist Temple


Visit the Guan Yin Temple is over 100 years old.

During the Malayan Emergency, the deities in the temple were moved to the Guan Yin Pavillion as it was forbidden for villagers to enter the area during curfew hours. The location of the original temple was rediscovered and rebuilt in the 1980s.

Guan Yin Pavilion

02:30 PM

Visit famous dam in Kuala Kubu Bharu


The dam is central to the history of Kuala Kubu Bharu. In 1883, the town was destroyed when the dam burst following a series of floods. Today, it is the town jewel with picturesque views.

03:00 PM

Chill by the creek at Sungai Chiling


Sungai Chiling is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Selangor. Located at the foothills of Fraser's Hill, it attracts visitors eager for a retreat within Nature.

05:30 PM

Go back to homestay and take a rest

07:00 PM

Dinner at a Local Restaurant

08:30 PM

Free & easy

Day 2

07:30 AM

Visit Hot Spring in Kuala Kubu Bharu


This little known gem in town is frequented by locals who enjoy taking a dip and relaxing in the hot waters.

09:00 AM

Enjoy local breakfast at Ilmio Cafe

10:00 AM

Shop for local products in town


Kuala Kubu Bharu is famous for its kaya puff so be sure to buy a box or two! Shopping is at own expense.

10:30 AM

Pack your luggages

10:45 AM

Visit Guan Yin Pavilion


During the Malayan Emergency, a curfew was imposed on the village. As a result, people were unable to visit the original Guan Yin Temple. They decided to build the Guan Yin Pavilion in Kuala Kubu Bharu as a replacement and transfer the statue from the original temple.

12:00 PM

Visit Orchid Farm


The Ulu Yam Orchid Farm grows gorgeous, moth-like flowers called Phalaenopsis orchids. Admire the colorful blossoms, find out how orchids are grown, or adopt one for your home!

01:00 PM

Have Famous Ulu Yam "Loh Mee" for Lunch


Ulu Yam is the place to go for a hearty bowl of "Loh Mee", a Hokkien noodle dish with thick, starchy gravy. It'll keep your belly warm and full after a long day!

02:30 PM

Buy souvenirs at "Hokkien Town"


"Hokkien Town" is a shop located in Batang Kali which sells plenty of the town's local products. Shopping is at your own expense.

03:30 PM

Goodbye, KKB

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马来西亚雪兰莪Kuala Kubu BaruJalan Dato Muda Jaafar古毛人茶餐室

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